What Is Kartra

Welcome to our what is Kartra post. Hopefully you find this helpful and informative. Please see our other Kartra posts if you have more questions about Kartra or their competitors like Clickfunnels.

What Is Kartra

Kartra is an all in one marketing automation platform for online businesses who want to grow and increase their sales online.

To help you grow your business online easily, have all the tools and features all in one place. The ultimate platform for you to sell your products or services online with ease.

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Kartra prides itself in being the platform where you have everything you possibly need for your online business in one spot.

To make things simpler and also cheaper because you only need Kartra instead of a bunch of different softwares or platforms intertwined.

It is an extremely smart move when a business associates itself with Kartra because it automatically saves itself from paying thousands of dollars to buy and use separate marketing and sales funnel building software.

Kartra Is Not an Average Marketing Platform

The minute Kartra entered the market it became a threat for all the leading marketing platforms like Kajabi, Infusionsoft, and eventually Clickfunnels because it does more things than all of these platforms.

It gives the online business owner literally everything it could need to succeed online.

The features that play a big part in marketing and promotion like email marketing, listing, contacts, and landing pages, all are brilliantly managed by Kartra.

Kartra is different as compared to the other online marketing platforms because it takes the ‘all-in-one approach’. So, it is a haven for businesses that switch their marketing platforms because all of them provide limited services to them.

But when they associate their business with Kartra they feel a weight lifted off of them because now they have saved money and everything is now together.

You might hear the “all in one platform” for online business and that the quality will then drop to fill all these rolls.

Kartra does not do an “okay” or “good enough” job at any and all of the 14 features and tools they provide. They actually do a very good job at every single feature they provide to you.

They strive for a high quality product that is only ever getting better and improving.

Hopefully we have really done a good job at answering the question of what is Kartra… Let’s continue on!

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Kartra- A Great Sales Funnel Builder

As you may or may not know, the idea and concept of a sales funnel for an online business as been able to do wonders for their growth.

Although we will not go into much depth of why the sales funnel is extremely vital for exponential growth in your business… know that Kartra provides this at a very high level.

Implementing sales funnels into your business or improving your sales funnels could change your business practically overnight if done right.

We have personally seen businesses go from barely scraping by to implementing a well done funnel with good traffic to becoming a 6, 7, or 8 figure business.

Is it super easy to do what those other previous businesses have done to get to that 6, 7, or 8 figure mark? No it is not, and we are not saying by simply using one you will do what those businesses have done.

What we are saying, is that it is possible to transform your business exponentially quickly with using a sales funnel properly.

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The process of driving traffic and getting those visitors into a specific series of steps and actions they can take, to increase the average order value per customer.

Also to increase revenue in the backend because you used a simple email opt in for the beginning so now you are building a list of customers.

Sales funnels can not be understated if used properly with good digital marketing strategies, with a good product or service to promote which we know you have.

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Kartra Saves You Money

Businesses who are tired of investing their time and money on various other platforms should surely try Kartra and choose a plan. And after that their entire business can be run with Kartra.

Affordable Pricing and Plans

Kartra emphasizes providing high quality tools and services for all online business needs at very reasonable prices.

Not all businesses are the same, and therefore Kartra’s pricing plans are specifically designed to cater to all kinds of businesses.

Kartra runs on 4 different plans or tiers we like to call them. It is important to note that Kartra is a software as a service company or a SaaS.

This means that it is on a recurring billing model. This model is broken down into either monthly subscriptions or annual subscriptions.

Simply using annual billing will save you roughly 25% on each plan or tier.

If you are as serious as we are about Kartra being your ultimate solution for your online business, please use their annual billing to save even more money.

This is their four pricing plans breakdown. This is the amount per month if you were subscribing monthly.

Monthly Subscription Prices With Monthly Billing

• The Starter Plan – $99/month
• Silver Plan – $199/month
• Gold Plan – $299/month
• The Platinum Plan – $499/month

Now this is the pricing per month if you were using annual billing.

Monthly Subscription Prices With Annual Billing

• The Starter Plan – $79/month
• Silver Plan – $149/month
• Gold Plan – $229/month
• The Platinum Plan – $379/month

As you can tell, switching to annual billing will save you roughly that 25% for the exact same plan. For a more in depth breakdown of their pricing plans in detail, please check out our Kartra Pricing post.

Kartra also provides a $1 trial period of 14 days in case a business owner is unsure about paying the subscription and want to test Kartra out.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you pay for a plan on either monthly, or annual billing and you would like a refund, have no worries.

You can easily email their support and get your money back worry free. They are a high quality platform, that truly believes in and loves their product so they provide that faith if you want a refund.

Why a Business Needs Kartra

All businesses require proper marketing strategies to grow and compete with other businesses. And cost-effectiveness is a must when it comes to marketing.

Kartra provides everything and anything you could possibly need for growing your business online.

They simply have one of the best, if not the best all in one platform with many advanced features and tools to sell your products or services online.

They truly are there to help you grow your business with less stress, and less money.

Kartra is for online businesses of all sizes whether you are just starting out or you have a team of 50 working under you. Kartra is also for all types of businesses.

Growing your business increasing leads, sales, and conversions while being easier and cheaper is the name of the game. After all you are in the business to make money and Kartra is here to help you immensely.

Kartra is offering 14 tools that will surely transform the growth of any business. You may need only a couple or all of them, but not matter what you have access to all of them.

These are 1)Kartra Leads, 2)Kartra Pages, 3)Kartra Checkouts, 4)Kartra Mail, 5)Kartra Funnels and Campaigns, 6)Kartra Videos, 7)Kartra Memberships, 8) Kartra Calenders, 9)Kartra Agency, 10)Kartra Marketplace, 11)Kartra Affiliates, 12) Kartra Forms, 13)Kartra Calenders, 14)Integrations and API.

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Some Cool Extra Features

• Management of the business and employees will be easy and in control.

• An exciting advantage of using Kartra’s platform is the ability to track a customer’s journey. This is very helpful in changing a business strategy.

• The platform will provide businesses new market goals and will describe the ways to achieve them.

• Business owners have the option to opt for all the digital marketing tools or skip the tools that they feel are not necessary for their business.

• Kartra is very user friendly and beginner-friendly. So, even a business with no information about the marketing platforms can work with Kartra.

• As compared to other platforms with limited features and lacking quality, Kartra is quite affordable.

Short Kartra Demo Video

Start Kartra today for just $1 while still available. Get your two week trial here.

What Is Kartra Recap

Competition in the business world and in every sector of the world is increasing day by day.

So, it’s only smart for businesses to come up with the best of plans and marketing strategies.

Probability is you are in the market to grow your business online, while keeping things simple, and prices affordable.

Due to that, it is extremely helpful for businesses to get a subscription to an all in one one online marketing platform. There really is no better, and proven all in one platform for your business like Kartra.

There are some other competitors we talk about on this site like Clickfunnels which is really great as well… but it doesn’t provide all that Kartra can do.

Now will you need all the tools/features Kartra provides? That is a different story and then maybe Clickfunnels can be of better use.

A business will not have to look anywhere for additional marketing tools, software, or features because Kartra will provide everything you could possibly need for your online business.

So, any business that wants to save time, money, limit stress, and grow their online business should trust in Kartra to help.

Hopefully you enjoyed our what is Kartra post. Please see other posts for more in depth answers or information on Kartra or their competitors.

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