What Is Clickfunnels

Good to see you for another Clickfunnels post. Here we will be explaining what is Clickfunnels in depth. We hope to provide pure value and help you understand how you can grow your business online with Clickfunnels.

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What Is Clickfunnels and Why You Should Care

Here is another article to enlighten you, this time on what is Clickfunnels. Also, how it can help you grow your online business. Do well to check out our other articles on Clickfunnels for further answers to your questions on this software.

What Is Clickfunnels?

You have probably seen ads and read articles on how Clickfunnels can help improve online business. From the marketing, the sales process and etc. They are the ultimate platform to help you sell your products and services online easier and with less hassle.

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So, what is Clickfunnels all about, and how will it help your business grow. In this article, we would answer all your questions about clickfunnels.

What is Clickfunnels? Clickfunnels is a SaaS (services as a software) company that offers software called clickfunnels. Clickfunnels help online business owners build their websites, sales pages, landing pages, and sales funnels.

The company was founded back in 2014 from an entrepreneur by the name of Russell Brunson. Over just 6 short years, now more than 150,000 people concurrently use the software monthly, and they have done over $9 billion dollars.

This should tell you about the kind of quality company Clickfunnels is, for just 6 short years being a company and how fast they have grown. They truly offer an incredible product/platform for online business owners to sell their products or services online with ease.

Short Helpful Video on Clickfunnels

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Over the years, Clickfunnels has been adding more and more functionalities into the software ecosystem, so the list of things you can build with clickfunnels increases every day.

Clickfunnels was initially designed to help online marketers in creating highly effective sales funnels. Sales funnels help increase their sales and leads.

A sales funnel is nothing more than a series of steps that your visitors will take onto their way of becoming a customer. The goal is to increase the revenue per person and also help make them lifetime customers through the use of email marketing for example. This is of course depends on if you have an opt in step to build your list in the funnel.

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Why Clickfunnels is special

Clickfunnels makes the ideas and concepts and then reality of making sales funnels easier and simplified down. Clickfunnels does this very well and has also made the creation of sales funnels extremely cheap.

With Clickfunnels, you don’t need to be a programmer or designer to use Clickfunnels to build your effective sales funnels or websites. The way the software was designed, any feature you need for your online business can easily be added without the skills that a traditional sales funnel used to require.

They built Clickfunnels with the understanding that not everyone is a technology wizard. Not only that, but the majority of people are still scared, uncertain or apprehensive about learning technology. They have made it so you don’t need to be scared anymore when you hear of Clickfunnels.

Making the building of a sales funnel or website easy and simple is the goal. Not only easy but to create beautiful and professional looking websites and sales funnels that actually lead to conversions.

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Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Highlights

There is no way we can talk about Clickfunnels without talking about the evolution of sales funnels in digital marketing.
Sales funnels is one of the key concepts of digital marketing that has helped take many businesses from scratch to a multi-million dollar businesses.

Are we saying this is easy or typical? Definitely not, but what we are saying is through the use of digital marketing and a good sales funnel you can definitely become a juggernaut. You could start doing numbers and revenue you never thought was possible by using the power of the internet and the sales funnel.

Unlimited power and potential

You can’t underestimate the power of these two combined to go along with an amazing product or service a business is offering. It’s a recipe for great success.

Different forms of sales funnel have existed in the business world, even from the 18th century. But the current form of sales funnels we know today is the one we have on the internet.

Sales funnel is a sales or marketing funnel that turns website visitors into customers. It coined the name “funnel” because visitors are going from stage to stage in the funnel. The number of potential customers reduces, resulting in fewer customers in the end when compared to the number of visitors that started from the beginning of the funnel.

This is because not everyone will get to the end of the funnel for a variety of reasons. This is why the first page of a funnel is usually an email opt in, so you can then build a relationship and market to the visitors who didn’t convert the first time around.

Sales funnels are a multi-step process, and it involves a lot of different sequences. These sequences build awareness and enlighten your prospective customers on what you have to offer and how it is the perfect solution to whatever problem they have.

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Always competition in anything in life, especially business

The sad truth is that the internet is saturated with different online businesses. Not just the online business space, but all business have competition.

There are always online businesses in your niche. People won’t just buy your product because you sell them, except maybe if you are already a well-known brand. It takes time for you to build a brand presence and get people to buy from you.

The sales funnels are a perfect avenue to build a relationship between your business and your potential customers. A sales funnel has the ability to give your business a true advantage over any and all competition.

Sales funnels rely on the buying psychology of internet users. The best digital marketers in the world know that there is a psychological process for anybody to buy something from you. This psychological effect occurs on the inside. It is what causes customers to pull out their credit card and purchase your product eventually.

We hope you are enjoying our what is Clickfunnels post. Hopefully this article is providing value and helpful information for your online business. Understanding digital marketing, sales funnels and Clickfunnels in depth is very important.

So how do sales funnels do this?

The sales funnel usually consists of four different stages: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action.

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Awareness is the first place your potential customers come into the sales funnel. Your potential consumers are brought to the sales funnels by what is known as a magnet. You get people into the first step of your funnel by knowing how to drive traffic to the funnel (digital marketing). This could be organically or paid ads and more.

In the awareness stage of your sales funnels, your one goal is to create awareness of your business and your product. You show how it would solve the problem that brought them to your website/funnel. The truth is the sales funnels’ entire goal is to solve your customers’ problems. There is no way your customers would purchase something without it solving a particular problem for them.

Your goal for your sales funnel is to make sure your prospective customers pass through the different stages of the sales funnels. In this section of the sales funnel, you make sure the potential customers understand what you are all about. Typically having an opt in to your email on your first stage of the funnel is the best way to do it.

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Interest is the part of the sales funnels where you try to gain your prospective customers’ interest in the product you’re offering to them. One efficient way of building this interest is by email sequencing.

In this stage, you start to build a character for your business, write relatable stories to highlight how you got to when you are and who you are. Make sure your message is consistent throughout the sales funnel. In creating awesome stories about yourself and your company, you should make sure you are telling the truth.

At this stage, you might need to get a copywriter’s service to write convincing sales pages for your company.

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Decision is the third stage of your sale funnels. In this stage, you will be making your prospective buyer make decisions but not to purchase just yet. In this stage, it could be to click links on your email sequences. Using lots of customer reviews and testimonials as an appetizer.


Action is the final stage of your sales funnel. This is where you have been trying to get all your prospective customers to all this while. In most cases, this is where your customer makes purchases and where you make money, and you get rewarded for your sales funnel effort.

The percentage of the number of people who get to this stage and make a purchase compared to the number of people who started the funnel is known as the conversion rate.

Remember not everyone that enters the funnel will get to the final spot. That is okay though because obviously you are not going to have a 100% conversion rate, no one ever does.

Sales funnel power

Also note, this was just an example of a good rough draft and concept on a sales funnel and the purpose it would serve your business. Not all funnels are the same or equal… they all have different objectives and results you want to get from them.

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Once you tweak your sales funnel and your conversion rate increases, you should know your sales funnel is getting better.

Sales funnels can be scaled up to a very high conversion rate, which can take your business from a completely unknown position to a global powerhouse.

Sales funnels have massive potential.

How sales funnels used to be, before Clickfunnels

Although sales funnel massively increased the business’s sales and marketing, it was challenging and expensive to implement. Sales funnels required a lot of skilled workers like coders, programmers, designers, and co. These skilled workers cost a lot of money.

The software used in implementing the sales funnel process is also very expensive. The time taken to implement an efficient sales funnel is also much.

Sales funnels also cost a lot to maintain. Sometimes, even after implementing, you might not make enough money after subtracting your expenses.
This made the use of sales funnels only for elite entrepreneurs and business owners. The entrepreneurs with smaller capital could not use this amazing digital marketing feature.

Why Clickfunnels Changes The Game

In 2014, Russell Bronson came into the limelight with software’s that solves all the problems with the traditional sale funnel solutions. He called it Clickfunnels, and the company was also called Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is a service (SaaS) company that allowed entrepreneurs, with little experience and skill to implement sales funnels for our online businesses.

Clickfunnels reduced the amount of time required to start up a sales funnel. It drastically cut down the cost of building sale funnels, enabling digital marketers worldwide to build their marketing and sales automation with ease.

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What is Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels has evolved over the years to allow online businesses to build all kinds of funnels apart from the sales funnels. To be able to create beautiful websites and sales funnels for your online business.

And when creating these funnels, you don’t start from scratch as there are already proven and efficient funnel templates for you to use.

Here are the features you can have depending on the plan you have.

1. You can create unlimited funnels

2. You can create unlimited pages.

3. You can have unlimited number of unique visitors at a time

4. You have access to unlimited contact leads.

5. You would have custom domains for your online business.

6. You can have multiple users

7. You have payment gateways

8. Unlimited follow-up funnels

9. Funnel hacker forum

10. Weekly peer review hackathon

11. Funnel flix with hours of additional training courses and videos for all things business

12. A/B split testing for your funnels

13. Email integration

14. Click pops

15. Opt-in funnels

16. Membership funnels

17. Sales funnels

18. Click option

19. Unlimited number of members

20. Auto webinar funnels

21. Order pages

22. Upsell pages

23. Hangout funnels

24. Down sell pages

25. Share your funnels

26. Access to tony Robbins private collection

27. Priority support with VIP phone support

28. Priority template requests etc.

Ending of What Is Clickfunnels and Final Thoughts

Clearly, what is Clickfunnels is a lot of things. Clickfunnels is a great company that you can leverage to sell your products or services online. To make things more powerful, easier and cheaper for you. Understanding Clickfunnels means you should also understand digital marketing, sales funnels, copywriting and of course the platform Clickfunnels.

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Hopefully we were able to break it down in great detail what is Clickfunnels and how it can be a game changer for your online business. For more questions about Clickfunnels such as pricing, is it worth it, how to use it and more… please check our other posts.

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