What Is Clickfunnel

We hope you enjoy our break down and explanation of what is Clickfunnel and why it can benefit your business.

What is Clickfunnel all pertains around the software/platform called Clickfunnels. See our other posts on more Clickfunnels content.

Importance of Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels for Business

What is Clickfunnel will help with digital marketing, sales funnels and more.

There is no way you would want to run an online business or even brick and mortar without indulging in digital marketing.

Digital marketing now, more than ever, has never had such a large potential, and it has been making a lot of people a lot of money.

Sales Funnels Importance

One of the core concepts of the digital marketing industry is the idea of something called a sales funnel.

A lot of people don’t know about this or fully understand it quite yet.

A sales funnel has the ability or potential to transform a business from a struggling or unprofitable business to a multimillion-dollar business overnight.

We are not saying it will happen, or that is is easy, but definitely possible.

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There are plenty of case studies out there on how a sales funnel changed someone’s business in a complete 180 degrees.

Some experts have built entire careers on the concept and ideas behind a sales funnel.

Its potential is truly endless and its potential to change your business in an almost exponential way can not be understated.

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Understanding The Sales Funnel and What Is Clickfunnel

So the journey begins by asking two questions: what is a sales funnel? Also, what is Clickfunnel? Read on, and we will break it down and help you understand why it can really benefit your business.

Online sales funnels can be compared to a physical funnel where you pour in substances, and the substance will emerge in a designated place you want it to end up.

The same thing happens in the sales funnel; It’s a marketing/sales mechanism that takes in visitors and just like a physical funnel, it directs them to a designated place the person who placed the funnel wants them to end up.

The main difference is in a sales funnel, not everyone that enters will get to the same spot.

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All a sales funnel is, can simply be explained as a multistep process that turns potential visitors into customers.

It is a multistep process because there are a lot of things that can happen between the time a potential customer enters the funnel, takes action and finally makes a purchase.

As you may already know, the majority of people won’t buy from your products or services at first glance, especially when they are just learning about you and what you offer for the first time.

That is why a sales funnel is so crucial to business success.

If your goal is to convert your visitors into leads and then ultimately customers… Clickfunnels and the use of sales funnels will help you do that.

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It is also only becoming more apparent that businesses that really want to see exponential growth, will most likely get there by simply incorporating a sales funnel.

You need to build that relationship process with a potential customer over a series of steps and that’s exactly what the sales funnel can do.

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Brief History on Clickfunnels

The sales funnel has a lot of factors, steps or processes it can do.

A particular entrepreneur made a tremendous change to the sales funnel and online marketing landscape by founding a company called Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is a software as a service (SaaS) business that allows entrepreneurs to quickly create beautiful sales funnels that will convert visitors into buyers.

We know we haven’t explained in great detail yet, what is Clickfunnel but very soon your knowledge on not only Clickfunnels but online sales funnels will be unmatched.

With understanding sales funnels in depth, then understanding what is Clickfunnel makes all that much more sense.

How Clickfunnels Changed The Game

Before Clickfunnels arrival in 2014, creating online sales funnels took a crazy amount of work to build. The reality was creating an online sales funnel used to be very difficult, time intensive, knowledge intensive, often expensive to do, not to mention frustrating.

Furthermore, you needed a lot of experience with coding and integrations. This then included and a lot of other tech stuff and typically hiring a tech team. There was so much that went into even creating the most simple online sales funnel for your business.

As you can imagine, creating even the simplest of sales funnels was a pain and had a lot of negatives.

However, Clickfunnels came in, changed the game and created endless potential for the use of sales funnels. So again we ask, what is clickfunnel and why are all the business owners raving about it?

Why Clickfunnels Truly Is A Special Software

Clickfunnels is simply a tool which contains everything someone could possibly need to sell their products or services on the internet. It is a website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs.

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They are dedicated to helping grow your business online the right way.

They hand you all the tools, ideas, and strategies you need in one convenient spot to then go and market, sell and deliver your products online.

It is specially designed for entrepreneurs that want to make use of the sales funnels but don’t have the necessary coding and design skills needed for it. Also for those with very limited knowledge and don’t know where to start.

Instead of hiring coders and tech-savvy people to build your sales funnel, Clickfunnels makes it easier and simpler for you to build your sales funnel.

They have made it so anyone can launch a sales funnel in a matter of hours or even just a couple of minutes which is truly incredible.

There is even a video of the owner, Russell Brunson creating a sales funnel for Grant Cardone in a matter of minutes, while they are flying on a private jet!

Like mentioned before, with the old way it would of taken a hefty amount of coding and programming with weeks of work and a big budget needed to make a sales funnel.

Clickfunnels did not just reduce implementation time but also increased efficiency and simplified it.

With saying all this, we have finally answered the question what is Clickfunnel?

Hopefully you can see how using Clickfunnels to sell your products or services online can greatly improve your business online.

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Let us now show you how easy it can be to use Clickfunnels.

How Easy It Can Be To Use Clickfunnels

In Clickfunnels, you just have to pick a predesigned sales funnel template you feel is perfect for the kind of product or service you are trying to promote.

Then choose a page design style you feel will suit your business, and then make few modifications to the tools you pick and then you can click publish.

Yes… it is can truly be that simple and easy, no complications. This would have taken long hours of coding, programming and funds before Clickfunnels. Like previously mentioned that is how it would of been but now Clickfunnels has changed the game.

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Clickfunnels is not just easy to set up; it is also faster and more efficient than normal sales funnel setups. Clickfunnels is also predesigned and proven to work with any kind of business.

Whether your business or service is…

  • Agency
  • Freelancer
  • Sell information products
  • E-commerce
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Network marketing
  • Brick and mortar business
  • Business to business lead generation
  • Blogger
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Non profit

The list goes on for whatever your situation is, Clickfunnels and their platform can help you reach your goals.

Maybe you want to become the bestselling author or capture leads for your email list. Click funnels will do the job perfectly. Remember, the potential Clickfunnels has is nearly endless.

Are you getting pumped up yet about what is Clickfunnel and what it can do for a business owner?

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Why Clickfunnels Is So Powerful

With personal experience and well research on what is Clickfunnel and Clickfunnels… The Funnel Enthusiasts know Clickfunnels is special.

Although Clickfunnels was built to help reduce the stress involved in creating sales funnels, which it does perfectly well, it also has additional functionalities that you won’t find on traditional sale funnels.

It also has numerous added features that brings in several more positives. Such as optimization of the pages and more improvements that most of the other areas of digital marketing lacks in traditional sales funnels systems.

With Clickfunnels, you can easily accelerate your A/B testing phase and know what works and what doesn’t and cut your ad spend short with what isn’t performing.

With a lot of tested and proven templates at your disposal you will get the right one in no time.

Clickfunnels really emphasizes having a user-friendly interface that allows easy integration of clicks, videos, animations, and other elements or templates.

Video On Clickfunnels

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Advantages of Using Clickfunnels for Your Business

1. Sales funnels like Clickfunnels will deliver the right message at the right time to your prospective customers:

This is one of the beauties of sales funnels: they help you deliver the message you are offering to the right people at the right moment.

A sales funnel is like a map with contents answering the question of the prospective buyer of your product.

When building a sales funnel, each step of the way has its content aligning with the customer’s interest in your services every single time.

A Sales funnel saves time for your customer as they get the right information they need, and help warm them up to a conversion which then means more revenue for the same effort for the business owner.

It’s a way of making use of content strategy for scaling up your business.

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2. Sales funnel can help increase conversion rate exponentially:

Sales funnels will exponentially increase your amount of sales when done properly.

As a digital marketer using a sales funnel, you are visualizing the customer’s journey, creating a personalized experience for them; these experiences lead to optimized conversion of sales, which means a lot more money for you.

Marketers can tweak their sales strategies anytime to increase conversion rate. From the data provided by your sales funnel you can analyze the percentage of visitors that were converted over some time.

The ability to tweak your strategy anytime gives the marketer the predictive insights to know what works and doesn’t, which then allows them to create a workable plan to boost your sales framework.

An example of a simple funnel yet extremely powerful can be as easy as email opt in -> video sales letter -> collect money -> 1 click upsell -> 1 click downsell -> thank you page.

We hope you are enjoying our what is Clickfunnel article and are getting nice value.

3. Sale funnels prioritize the interest of your customers:

Making use of sales funnels in your marketing strategy helps to make marketing simpler and prioritizes your customers.

The marketer will develop a sales funnel with a series of steps that would optimize your customer’s experiences, with targeted contents and great user experience.

The marketer optimizes the audience-experience in real-time, allowing for massive conversion rates. These features listed above are a few of the way’s sales funnel can help you transform your business to a 6, 7 or even 8 figure or more business.

Don’t underestimate the power of digital marketing and sales funnels.

Below is more features of what is clickfunnel and why it is ideal for making sales funnels.

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Advantages of Using Clickfunnels Over Other Traditional Sales Funnels Method:

1. Clickfunnels allows you to create free page designs:

Clickfunnels are perfect for creating web pages and connecting the different pages for sales funnels

Clickfunnels software/platform comes with an array of free already built-in templates for you to choose from, you can also get paid or free templates from other users.

The array of pre-made templates makes creating sales funnels easier to start as you can set it up in a few minutes.

2. Drag and drop design:

When designing your sales page, you only need to drag and drop the feature in Clickfunnels to make a good design.

This is so easy that when you are done, it will look like it was done by a professional.

Anyone can design awesome web pages/sales funnels with Clickfunnels easy to use and intuitive drag and drop editor. It saves the user loads of time, energy and frustration. No tech skills needed.

3. Email automation:

With Clickfunnels, you can create very simple email automation for your customers.

You can integrate almost any email service you want and proceed with your email campaign. Clickfunnels also has an inbuilt email marketing solution called the Actionetics that helps to make your email marketing campaign very seamless and easy.

Clickfunnels recommends only using Clickfunnels for your online business because you shouldn’t need anything else… but they still do offer third party email autoresponder software.

4. Backpack of affiliate management tools:

Suppose you want to make use of affiliate marketing to promote sales for your product, with Clickfunnels.

Surely we do not need to explain how important it is having proper affiliates promote your products or services for your sales to explode.

Having affiliates can be an absolute blessing for a business owner, because well… they bring more business and more revenue for you.

What a beautiful idea or concept of having people out there promoting your products or services, and only compensating them for what they produce for you.

You can easily start an affiliate program, without going through the hours of coding and complications involved with other traditional methods. They make it easy for you to have affiliates for your business and a proper way to manage them.

The Pricing of Clickfunnels Software

So far what is Clickfunnel has been many things. Now onto the pricing of Clickfunnels.

Although it would be awesome if a software and platform this great could be free.

A platform so perfect for anyone wanting to grow their business online. Although Clickfunnels isn’t free, their goal is to provide an amazing software and platform to grow your business online and to save you money.

They do however have a free 2 week trial, you can start by clicking here and getting 7 free bonuses from Russell Brunson.

The profit margins can be astronomically and laughably higher online than in a brick and mortar. Clickfunnels truly even makes the profit margins even higher by not charging insane prices for their software.

Currently they offer two different types of plans for Clickfunnels.

One is called the basic plan which is only $97 a month while the other is $297 a month and is called platinum.

You can either subscribe monthly, or they just recently released annual billing which is a game changer because switching to annual billing is even cheaper.

The platinum plan on annual billing drops to $247 a month and basic plan drops to $80 a month, which is roughly an 18% discount switching to annual.

We believe a majority of business owners will only need the basic plan, and then further on down the line will upgrade to platinum.

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Upgrading to platinum really makes a big difference for even more potential for your business.

Now don’t let these numbers scare you off. For most people this will be the only software they will need to run their online business or service.

Plus only $97 to $297 a month at maximum if you do monthly to run your entire online business? We know brick and mortar businesses wish that’s all it cost to run their business, but as we know it can be exponentially more to run those.

For more in depth analysis on Clickfunnels pricing please check our post where we explain the differences in greater detail.

A complete breakdown of their plans and the pros, cons and features of each plan. This is to truly help you decide what plan is best for your business.

What Is Clickfunnel Final Thoughts

Clearly what is Clickfunnel is a lot of things. From understanding the power of digital marketing, what a sales funnel is and the importance it has for your business.

To split testing, creating a relationship with your potential customer, learning about Clickfunnels and much more, there is a lot to talk about and explain.

Clickfunnels really is that special software or tool to help get your business or service to that next level with the usage of online sales funnels and digital marketing.

They also offer a ton of free and paid training, an amazing community of like minded individuals all wanting to improve their business and their lives tenfold.

We hope you enjoyed our in depth explanation of what is Clickfunnel and please read more of our articles for deeper insight into the funnel building world and digital marketing.

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