What Is Click Funnels

Welcome to the introductory article about Clickfunnels where we talk more specifically about what is Click Funnels. Here you will know what it is, how it operates, and what it can do for your business.

Before going into a lot of depth on Clickfunnels. We would like to touch upon slightly digital marketing, marketing automation and sales funnels. If you understand these core concepts first, understanding what is Click Funnels becomes clearer.

We do want to tell you now though, that Clickfunnels is a website and sales funnel builder to help you grow your business online. It gives you everything you need to market, sell and deliver your products online. Read on more for way more information.

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What is ClickFunnels

Importance of Digital Marketing

Starting a business in this age is never an overnight success. There are a million businesses in the world, and that means there is a never ending competition.

However, if your business has an online presence, you can somehow predict it’s future through digital marketing. Have you ever heard of digital marketing, marketing automation, or sales funnels before?

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Digital marketing is the marketing of a business, its products, and services on the internet. It is as complex as it sounds. The world has changed, and technology and the internet play a big role in it. Although digital marketing can be difficult it can also be very simplistic and stream lined if you understand what really is happening.

If a business really wants to succeed now a days, leveraging digital marketing is one of the smartest things to do. The marketing trends, tricks, and strategies are never the same on the internet. They keep on changing as time goes on.

So, along with knowing the right strategies that work for your business it is very important to keep exploring new ones. All that can be a hectic job even for the owner of a well-established business.

Hopefully you are seeing the importance of digital marketing to grow your business online even if you have a brick and mortar. Utilizing digital marketing to tap into the billions of potential customers on the internet truly is a powerful thing for business.

The truth is so many businesses, even if they have a great business model… can fail. They can fail due to their lack of execution and understanding of digital marketing.

This is where the main question of what is Click Funnels comes into play.

Short Video on Clickfunnels

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That is where the online marketing tools kick in, and ClickFunnels is one of the best in them. Hopefully that short little video really helped inform you on what is Click Funnels better.

What Are Sales Funnels

Now, that we have learned about digital marketing it’s time to know about its core component i.e. Sales Funnels. Sales Funnels has the power to make or break a business. More specifically sales funnels have the ability exponentially increase your revenue.

If you want to make more money, with less work, and less traffic. Sales funnels can help you tremendously if implemented correctly. A sales funnel is nothing more than simplifying the sales process for your visitors and turning them into paying customers.

To exponentially increase the revenue for every single person being sent through the funnel by making the visitor a step by step, planned out process of destinations you take them through. This might sound confusing or difficult but we assure you it is definitely not.

Especially if you are using Clickfunnels to build your sales funnels.

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If a business gets successful in creating a powerful sales funnel, with a good product and knows how to drive traffic profitably… there is really nothing stopping you from reaching your wildest dreams.

A competitive sales funnels can get you leads that you can never have with traditional marketing methods.

A sales funnels includes uses marketing features like automated emails, forms, and videos that help a business know and come close to their potential clients.

Clickfunnels Makes It Easy

The problem is that not every business or entrepreneur can create a great sales funnel. And for them the only option left is to hire someone who can.

Even if they hire people there is going to be no certainty about the business’s success. So, they need a more reliable way to create leads converting sales funnels and this is where Clickfunnels comes into play.

Clickfunnels is the perfect website and sales funnel builder for you to grow your business online.

What Is Click Funnels Exactly

ClickFunnels is an online marketing automation platform or tool that creates mind blowing sale funnels to help business convert those visitors into leads and leads into sales. To make more money with less work, less stress, and easier.

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With ClickFunnels you do not have to think about marketing and promotions of your new or existing products and services. ClickFunnels also provide a number of other tools that can grow your business in no time.

Hopefully you are enjoying this what is Click Funnels article. We feel you are becoming a digital marketing, and Clickfunnels savant.

Clickfunnels Makes Things Easy

ClickFunnels not only saves you the cost of marketing but also hiring people for that task. Its user-friendly interface and tools integration traits makes it the best online marketing software.

Why ClickFunnels is the best sales funnels builder?

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ClickFunnels is undoubtedly the best website and sales funnel builder out there to help your business thrive online. The reason is that it provides you with the right tools to build an effective sales funnel. And it also provides you with a ton of educational content to learn how to do it.

Moreover, it comes with several tools like A/B testing, splitting, customer support, webinars hosting, templates, copywriting tools, and so much more.

It is better than other tools because it doesn’t claim to provide all sorts of marketing features that exist, but it provides 90% of them. Plus, you do not need any coding skill or any information about creating a sales funnel.

As of writing this article, there are more than 155,000 entrepreneurs using this software monthly to grow their business online. And ClickFunnels also give you a free 14-days trial that you can use to know the effectiveness of the platform on your business.

How It Can Help Your Business?

Suppose you are an entrepreneur who is starting fresh and or an established business owner who is worried about the sales. In that case, ClickFunnels is the best option for you.

Implementing even the simplest of sales funnels can exponentially increase your sales pretty much overnight. Sales funnels make that sales or conversion process extremely simple and straight forward. Increasing the average revenue per every single customer vastly.

It will boost your sales and give you time to work on the quality of the products and services you are providing to your consumers. That explains millionaires using the software.

Clickfunnels even has awards such as the 2 comma club (achieving 1 million through Click Funnels) and 2 comma club X (achieving 10 million through Click Funnels). As of writing this, there are more than 1,000 people who have earned more than 7 figures with just a single funnel. Also more than 10 people who have earned 8 figures or more with a single funnel.

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Simply put… Clickfunnels works and is the real deal if you are serious about growing your business online and seeing more success.

ClickFunnels allows you to create great engaging pages for your online website to increase the sales of both physical and digital products. Having all the tools and strategies to be able to market, sell and deliver your products online with ease makes Clickfunnels a no brainer for business owners.

It is extremely helpful no matter what type of business you are. Whether you are an affiliate, dentist, relationship coach, personal trainer and etc etc. The list never stops.

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Major features of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers more than 100 sales funnel templates that can make your website so much more engaging than it already is. This features works best for the entrepreneurs who don’t know anything about sales funnels.

But with your free 14 day trial there is several hours of deep training on sales funnels and using Clickfunnels.

The platform has certain tools that allows a business to capture so many leads and makes sales out of it. ClickFunnels is more inclined towards sales generation so all of its tools are going to do help with sales enhancement and business growth.

The email correspondence of ClickFunnels is great and its name is Actionetics. In addition to that, it provides upsells and down sell funnel features.

ClickFunnels does not only provide drag and drop page building feature but it also gives the feature of in-built shopping cart. Most of the marketing platforms don’t provide that feature.

It also has great tools like Funnel Flix and Funnels scripts that help businesses to great copies that sell. They really have a lot of great products to help you learn a lot about the digital marketing world.

And last but least is the training videos and courses that ClickFunnels provides for all its users. All the educational videos on ClickFunnels are perfectly organized and can teach you the secrets of becoming a millionaire. After all there has been thousands of millionares from using Clickfunnels.

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ClickFunnels Pricing

We will not go into major breakdown of Clickfunnels pricing and the features through here. The best place to see that in more detail is our Clickfunnels pricing post here.

Important things to take away is that Clickfunnels is a software as a service company. This means that their software platform is a monthly subscription. It used to be only be monthly subscription but then they have recently updated Clickfunnels so that it can be an annual payment where you can save roughly 18% by switching to annual.

Clickfunnels has two main plans. One is the basic plan for $97 a month if monthly subscription or $80 a month if you go annual billing. The second plan is platinum for $297 a month if monthly subscription of $247 if you go annual billing.

Some people might think these prices are high and others think this is low. But to make it simple… paying $80 a month on the low end or $297 a month on the high end for pretty much running your entire online business is a killer deal. For all the things Clickfunnels is offering for this price point is amazing.

Afterall what’s that money if you have all the tools and abilities to make 6,7,8 figures and beyond? With Clickfunnels anything is possible.

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Final thoughts

Overall, ClickFunnels is extremely worth it for the small investment it takes to utilize it. It will save you a lot of time and effort. And it will make you a very attractive sales funnel from scratch which will help you expand your business and increase your sales.