What Are Clickfunnels

Welcome to another Clickfunnels post. Here we will be looking at in great detail, what are Clickfunnels. Not only what are Clickfunnels, but if they can be of benefit to you and your business after. How can they help you and benefit your life is what we want to focus on. Let’s start.

What are Clickfunnels

Before we begin, we have a lot of other enlightening articles on Clickfunnels. Do well to check them out if you still have questions at the end of this post.

There is no way we are going to talk about Clickfunnels without talking about digital marketing and sales funnels.

So, let’s take it from the top down to what are Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software as a service company or a SaaS which helps you grow your business online. To give you anything you could need to sell your products or services online.

They are a website and funnel building company whose goal is to make it easier on you to grow your business online. We will get more in depth soon.

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Digital Marketing Importance For Business

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses the features of the internet to get customers to buy your products or services. It is just a way of connecting and influencing your customers through the internet.

The power and potential of utilizing digital marketing for your business is an extremely high income skill. Digital marketing can be the difference factor in determining a business and it’s success. Having the capability of getting anyone on the internet (billions of people) to hear about your business and convert them into customers is obviously a huge deal.

With the accessibility of the internet today, you might be shocked to know that the number of people using the internet is still increasing every day. The way people buy and sell products has drastically changed in the past decades. Things are moving more and more online or digital everyday.

How does this concern digital marketing? What this shows is the number of people that you can potentially get to purchase your product or services is increasing everyday using digital marketing.

Different businesses using digital marketing to make use of different channels like search engine optimization (SEO), social media, websites, emails, sales funnels, paid ads, etc, to get to their potential customers.

Digital marketing is important for all kinds of business and brands. Nowadays if you don’t have digital marketing or brand awareness on the internet most consumers won’t take you seriously, it is already an expected feature for all brands. Not to mention you are leaving potentially SO much money on the table by not dabbling in digital marketing.

There are different types of digital marketing and ways you can implement them. One of the ways of implementing digital marketing for your online business is by using sales funnels.

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Concept of The Sales Funnel and It’s Importance

So, what is a sales funnel and why is it so important to any business?

You might wonder how sales funnels answer the question what Clickfunnels are? The key to understanding Clickfunnels starts with understanding how the sales funnels and digital marketing work.

All forms of online business should be implementing sales funnel to convert more visitors into customers.

So, what is a sales funnel? Sales funnel an online marketing process that involves mapping out a journey for your customers. This journey aids in making your visitors into customers.

The term funnel comes from the fact that not everyone that starts the journey gets to the end and makes a purchase. You should know that most visitors won’t just find your product or service online somewhere and all buy on first impression.

Most of the time, there will need to be numerous impressions of your product or services to then have them ultimately purchase.

Sales funnels is a way of letting online visitors become aware of your product and want to purchase them. Sales funnels will help drive more more conversions for your business. This is because a sales funnel is a series of steps the visitor will take onto the journey of eventually becoming a customer.

By doing this and taking them through specific steps you will then build a better relationship with the customer, and increase the average order value and lifetime value of the customer through email marketing. We know this might be a little confusing but that’s okay. A sales funnel can be extremely easy to utilize for your business.

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More In Depth Breakdown of Sales Funnels

But before you jump into sales funnels you should know what your business is all about and your target audience as that is what will help you determine the steps you should take.

A sales funnel has four basic stages that work for all types of businesses.

The four basic stages involve: awareness, interest, decision, action.


The first stage of your sales funnels. This is where you get your site visitors to know about you and the existing solutions, service or product you are offering.

This way your visitor learns about the problem they are solving and the possible way they can do it.

Most times, people get to this stage on their first visit to your website. They get to this stage from magnets, which are like google ads, social media and different traffic sources. This should be the first step of your funnel.


Interest is the next stage after the awareness stage, once your visitors choose to go the next stage it means they are interested. They are possibly looking for solutions to solve their problem or achieve their goals.

The truth is all business is built on solving problems. In this stage, what the sales funnel will do is create amazing content that would provide some level of solution to their problem.

At this stage, blogging is a very powerful tool of both creating awareness and interest, lead magnets also work well for interest. When done correctly, the prospect will become very interested in your services at this stage he would probably start following you on your social media or subscribe to your email list etc.


At this stage, the potential customer is already interested in our service or product and would start taking advantage of your solution. By now your potential customer will be paying deciding on to purchase your product/service or to convert into what your funnel objective is. This is the stage when sales are offered using sales pages, webinars, etc.

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Action is the stage in the sales funnel where you start to make money and get customers. The stage where visitors finally make a purchase. A lot of sales funnels end here, but there is an additional funnel after this.

Most successful business don’t have sales funnels end with the action part, as there is a huge possibility of your customer to come back to purchase more, so you have to have extra interaction with them.

And that part of the sales funnel is normally called the retention stage.


This is the stage where you get to keep the customers interested in the company. All you are trying to do in this stage is to keep the customer and turn them into repeat customers and brand advocates.

It is a stage where you get to keep your customers happy.

A happy customer would bring more opportunities to your business. To keep your customers happy, you keep them engaged using channels like: emails, special offers, surveys, follow ups, and technical assistance.

What Does Sales Funnels Offer My Business?

So, what do sales funnels offer my businesses that I don’t have already you may ask? Let us name a few:

-Sales funnel will make the marketing of your product or services easier. Your sales funnel will do all the work by automatically converting your visitors to customers.

-With sales funnel all your contents are more focused and targeted to your customers. Your content will create a story of your business to entice your potential customers, and keep them glued to the different stages of the sales funnels.

-The goal of any business is to make money, and that is what will happen after using sales funnels. Through the series of steps, you created in your sales funnel, you will get people to buy your product, and depending on how well you create them, most will definitely buy. More conversion on your product, will mean more sales which translate more revenue for the business.

-Once your sales funnel works, and it brings money for the business. You can scale it up to do better and bring more money. That’s the beauty of digital marketing: it has exponential potential. A lot of the process is automated and won’t take your time.

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What are Clickfunnels In More Depth

With Clickfunnels you can do all these sales funnel offers and more, traditional sales funnels are hard to set and can be very costly and time consuming. With Clickfunnels you get to set up your own sales funnels with a lot more functionalities for a much lower price.

What are Clickfunnels advantages?

With Clickfunnels you don’t spend much. A lot of the visitors that would be visiting your site after setting up your sales funnel will be people that are interested in our services and want to buy something from you.

Their goal is to make your online business to run easier, smoother, save money and have all you need to sell your products or services online.

With data analytics in Clickfunnels, you would know the number of visitors that pass from stage to stage on your Clickfunnels.

This feature allows you to be more flexible and to be able to forecast your result. Making your business less risky in the process.

Quick Video on Clickfunnels

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More features of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels offer a lot of features like

1. Access to create as many funnels as you want

2. You can create unlimited pages, sales pages, landing pages, etc.

3. You can have unlimited number of unique visitors at a time

4. You have access to unlimited contact leads.

5. You would have custom domains for your online business.


With Clickfunnels, you would have app integrations like these depending on your plan you have:


  •  Payment gateways
  •  Unlimited follow-up funnels
  •  Funnel hacker forum
  •  Weekly peer review hackathon
  •  Funnel fix with hours of additional training courses and videos
  •  A/B split testing
  •  Email integration
  •  Click pops
  •  Opt-in funnels
  •  Membership funnels
  •  Sales funnels
  •  Click option
  •  Unlimited number of members
  •  Auto webinar funnels
  •  Order ages
  •  Upsell pages
  •  Hangout funnels
  •  Down sell pages
  •  Share your funnels
  •  Access to Tony Robbins private collection
  •  Priority support with VIP phone support
  •  Priority template requests.

What are Clickfunnels Recap

In addition to all these features, there is access to a lot of tutorial videos, mentorship, books, marketing secrets tips, online communities and forums, and a lot more.

There are different plans for different business levels, Clickfunnels is not so expensive and depending on your business plan and business stage there is always a plan for you.

With Clickfunnels you have everything you need to make your online business a success. I hope this article answers the question what are Clickfunnels.

Please see our other Clickfunnels articles on more help and insight such as pricing plans, is it worth the price, how does it work in more detail and etc.

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