One Funnel Away Challenge

Welcome to our post on the one funnel away challenge. We hope you enjoy and find it beneficial for eventually helping you grow your business online.

One Funnel Away Challenge Breakdown

So, we begin by asking… what is the one funnel away challenge and why should you care?

The “One funnel away challenge (OFA)” is a gateway in digital marketing to proliferate your online business. It is a virtual training for entrepreneurs, and digital or physical business owners to increase their traffic, sales and conversions of their funnels.

To simply make more money, and increase productivity.

It is a product of clickfunnels that assists the wide range of people in business to augment their product sales, learn from many millionaires experiences, and have a chance to learn from the world’s experts.

Although it is a product of Clickfunnels, in no way is it only useful if you use Clickfunnels. It helps any and all business owners worldwide.

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One funnel away challenge is a 30 day long training program at a low price and covers a variety of audiences. This training is useful for people who need to improve the growth of their business.

This training helps to heighten up the work of those who already had started their businesses, but want to grow or help. Many people had taken several online pieces of training to thrust into their sales but are not successful.

This OFA challenge covers all the aspects of increasing business after taking the program. To run a business, you must know about marketing and how to sell. Hence it is for all types of entrepreneurs to help in the conversion of the customers.

If you are looking for a program, how to really increases your traffic, sales and conversions, then OFA challenge is the best option to spend your money on.

One funnel away challenge is worth buying to enhance your online business in just thirty days. Only for $100, it provides many valuable services that you may be in need of and appreciate greatly.

The process involved in OFA challenge training

It is a thirty days challenge where you learn a lot about marketing and promoting your products or services online. It really is all about business growth.

What Do You Get With It?

● When you buy the challenge, they will send some stuff your address, including many helpful and practical handouts if you opted for physical version.

● When you open the kit, there is a OFA challenge workbook that includes the questions about you, and there are videos online that help fills that workbook.

● There are videos online by Russell, Stephen, and Julie about the different aspects of marketing. The one thing good about this training is that they keep you motivated throughout the challenge and help you in every step you are might be stuck in.

● They really prime and rewire your mind for success. You must have your mindset right to see great success in business, but anything in life. Mindset is key.

● Another thing present in the box is the “two comma club booklet.”

● This booklet includes the stories of people who by, using clickfunnels became millionaires and are there to assist the newbies. You can also learn from their experiences and how to implement those in boosting your own business.

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● It also includes worth having, with a hardcover “30 days book” of 550 pages. This book has an action plan each day of the month, also called the 30 days battle plan. Each day you have to do a specific task, and gradually you start succeeding with action taking.

● This book teaches you what to do if you have failed in the past, need help, or are starting from scratch. From having no customers, income, traffic, authority, so all you need to do is build a proper funnel and sell a product or service. Therefore the name one funnel away challenge makes more sense.

There Is Even More Stuff? Yes…

● There is also an Mp3 player in the box that contains several audios that will help you tremendously just by listening. It is also chargeable. This player includes Russell’s and Stephen’s recording’s from their online coaching classes.

● Another thing that is amazing about this challenge is that you are being assisted live by consultants three days a week. You can also get exclusive help from the experts by using ” Dedicated Mission Control Threads” in private One Funnel Away Challenge groups.

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● Russell will tell you about the marketing strategies, plans and he provides the framework for your 30 days program. Julie Stoian is there to guide you about how to implement those ideas and techniques in real markets. Stephen is there to answer your queries and facilitate you if you need help in performing your daily tasks.

● The exciting thing is that it is a short course for one month; you do not need to wait a long time to see results if you take action.

One Funnel Away Challenge is a limited time event for action takers who are ready to grow their business online. To increase your revenue by implementing proper marketing and funnel building techniques. It will not be offered forever.

Why it is useful:

1. The one funnel away challenge is beneficial to diverse audiences. There are no prerequisite or applications to fill out. It’s easy to get started.

2. Another vital advantage of having this challenge is that it is not expensive. Only 30 days hardcover book costs you $97 if you purchase it alone. This whole OFA challenge costs you $100. Only $100 to learn from expert digital marketers and funnel builders grow your business? That is hard to find.

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3. It is worth spending money on because they keep helping you until you achieve your goal. It includes guidance in performing your tasks, provides thousands of scenarios for implementing your plans, and tells you ways to tackle challenging situations.

4. All the knowledge you could need to create hyper profitable sales funnels. You don’t need to take several other courses.

5. This training course lets you master your website and saves you the technical IT team’s cost. Especially if you use Clickfunnels for helping you sell your products or services online.

6. It is for all the people who want to further grow their business online. Give them the knowledge, tactics and strategies to really dominate the online marketplace with selling your products or services.

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Benefits of the Funnel

A marketing funnel is a more specific way of doing business. You know what you are selling and what your customers are looking for. In real many business owners sort out the customers who make the actual purchase.

In this way, they know about their product specifications and got the direction to make a sale. On websites, you post about your products and sales, but that is not effective. Visitors come to the website, see the content, and go on.

It doesn’t make them purchase anything. In contrast, sales funnels keep track of customers interested and more likely to buy products, and more importantly, customers also find it easier to use. Having a Sales funnel is useful in many aspects to grow online businesses.

● Funnels save time, money and makes things easier.

● Funnels enable owners to increase average order value on potential customers.

● It is a two-way interaction between the customer and the owners. It’s not static like websites.

● It increases the conversion rate and sales.

● Sales funnel increases the efficiency of all purchases done because it is done automatically with less stress.

● Most importantly, the sales funnel improves the relationship with the customers and seller and convinces them to make repeatable purchases.

Sales funnels are extremely important in the online business world. This is a no brainer as they increase profit margins, sales and conversions with less stress and fulfilled automatically.

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Clickfunnels is a great platform to build and create websites and sales funnels for your business. To help you sell your products or services online.

Clickfunnels is easy to use, even for people with little know-how of online marketing and zero tech skills. They have you covered.

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Clickfunnels software provides the features and tools that are needed to create your funnel. It also offers tools to customize your pages.

Quick Video On ClickFunnels

Want to learn more about Clickfunnels? Check out our other posts on the subject.

The services that Clickfunnels is providing are of great value. The pricing of the Clickfunnels is very affordable for small and big business owners a like. Their goal is to help grow your business online with the use of sales funnels.

Their Pricing structure is divided into three categories:

1. Clickfunnles Basic

2. Clickfunnels Platinum

3. Two Comma Club

Clickfunnels Basic:

You can access excellent services for $97 per month, just like using share funnel, building funnels, 100 pages, sub-users, payment gateways, up to 3 domains, chat support, funnel hacker forum, and more.

Clickfunnels Platinum:

This plan offers much more capabilities at $297 per month; you can benefit from features like unlimited follow-up funnels and weekly peer review Hackathons.

Chat support is on a priority basis. Other than this, you have unlimited access to most of the features. The pro point of this offering is that it provides training on marketing funnels, business strategies, sales traffic, and much more.

We suggest starting with the basic plan and as your grow, simply switch to the bigger and better plan.

Two Comma ClubX:

This is a very limited time event/opportunity. Two Comma ClubX provides much more complete services for $2497 per month. It gives ten sub-users access to 27 payment gateways to increase the purchase and provides up to 27 domains to have multiple brands on one account.

Recap on One Funnel Away Challenge

In the world of online business, Clickfunnels is an amazing platform/software to help you sell products or services online with ease.

Even if you do not use Clickfunnels for your online business or do not even have a business… One funnel away challenge will indeed help you regardless.

One funnel away will be beneficial for anyone who is thinking about digital marketing in any shape or form.

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We hope you found this article helpful for One Funnel Away Challenge. Will you accept the challenge?