One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Welcome to our One Funnel Away Challenge Review! Here we hope to help you and provide insight on what this is, who is offering it, why it might be of interest to you. Let’s begin.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Any online business owner knows the power of a sales funnel and how it can help their business grab customers. With such a powerful tool, a business can grow very fast in no time. Not to mention skyrocket their revenue potentially.

There are a lot of platforms that are offering sales funnel tools, but there is a lot of hype about one of them. Although the one funnel away challenge isn’t a platform per say… it is a course pretty much.

It is for you to get the best and most knowledge out there about growing your business with sales funnels.

Therefore, the one funnel away challenge is a sales funnel training guide offered by Clickfunnels.

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So, here is our detailed breakdown of the one funnel away challenge review to know if it is even worth it.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

One funnel away challenge is the ideal training guide for businesses and entrepreneurs to teach them the processing of online funnels. This program also teaches the step by step methodology of launching your very first funnel, or 9 millionth.

They also dive deep into the mentality you should have to see amazing results from not only the training, but your business and everyday life.

Mentality really is everything when it comes to being a business owner. If you don’t believe anything is ever going to work and have a lot of self doubt… you are severely hindering yourself. That is why they help you with your mindset before you even start.

The period of this funnel training is 30 days. So to recap if it is for brand new businesses or very successful big businesses who are still looking for how to grow more. Typically how they get there is through the use of sales funnels.

Three trainers are involved in providing this unique training program. One of them is Russell Brunson, who also happens to be the co-founder of Clickfunnels.

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The other two trainers are Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian. All three of them are incredibly professional, experienced, and have separate B2B coaching businesses. They have leveled up their game by utilizing online funnels, and now they are offering that service to other business owners.

Through this training platform, all the business owners get special access. This includes access to the interviews of the top 30 entrepreneurs who have made more than 1 million dollars through using a platform called ClickFunnels.

In the training period of one month, the goal is to get businesses get their first or next funnel live. After that, they start driving traffic and getting extra leads, and a noticeable increase in sales.

The training has a systematic division in weeks. The first week involves the basic introduction and slight detail about funnels. But after the third week, the entrepreneurs learn the complete method of launching and promoting their new funnels.

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What Can It Teach You?

One funnel away challenge is perfect for all the business owners who do not want to waste their time. This challenge is fast-paced and covers all the essential elements involved in creating a high-converting funnel.

It gives businesses the perfect instructions and guidance on implementing your specific action plans.

Many affiliate marketers also sign up this program because it gives them a structured plan to increase their sales and drive more traffic.

Also, different entrepreneurs who are participating in the One funnel away challenge can interact directly with each other. That way, they can share what works for them.

We hope you are enjoying our one funnel away challenge review. Hopefully you are starting to see why this program can be beneficial to you and your goals.

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Do You Want To Grow Your Business?

Many people have given excellent feedback about the one funnel away challenge program.

That might be because of the well-planned division of challenge in weeks. Each week has a separate set of missions that the person taking it has to accomplish. Remember they actually want to see you have massive results and success!

Many times, due to specific reasons, a person is unable to accomplish a program or is left behind. But in this training course, that is not going to be the case.

The reason is that one funnel away challenge provides unlimited access to all of its content. This access is only for the people or businesses who have signed up for this course.

Not only unlimited access to the content, but their high quality content nonetheless.

So, there is no chance that a person can miss out on any information. And that makes it one of the best funnel training courses out there.

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What Does One Funnel Away Challenge Offer More Specifically?

The OFA challenge training is distributed in various lessons and strategic planning. The period is of 5 weeks approximately, so every week has about 5 to 6 classes.

– Week 1 is all about giving an understanding of the importance of funnels. And it also includes a brief description of the OFA challenge program. The first week involves the lessons that are about the framework of creating a great funnel. And it also has lessons about testing concepts. And the last days also involve information about funnel hacking.

– Week 2 involves lessons about hook implementation and the origin stories. The week also involves tasks about the epiphany bridge creation. In the mid of the week, sequencing lessons start. The second week is a significant game-changer, and it demands attention.

– Week 3 revolves around generating a new funnel and all the challenges associated with it. This week also contains a lesson about the formation of onetime offer pages. And later in the week, they give lessons about various forms and sales pages.

– Week 4 of the One funnel away challenge training is about all the tips and tricks of traffic generation. The trainers teach different methodologies of fetching traffic from various online platforms to a website.

– The last week of OFA challenge training is all about taking action. The trainers will ask the enrolled members to take action and bring all the learnings into practice. They will also offer the participants to use Clickfunnels to grow their business online.

That way anyone can get their assistance in building a sales funnel, as well as using a great platform in Clickfunnels.

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Cost of The One Funnel Away Challenge

The price of One funnel away challenge is nothing as compared to the quality of training they are providing.

It is only $100 to take the one funnel away challenge and to learn from some of the best to ever do it. Only $100 to get amazing help and support from experts in digital marketing and sales funnel building.

And after paying that small fee, they provide the enrolled members all the bonuses and the required digitals lessons.

Also if for some reason you don’t like the program for whatever reason, they have a 30 day money back guarantee. There is nothing better than a training program that has a money-back guarantee.

The creators of this program truly believe in their program. They are here to help you get massive results and to shift your mindset for success.

To have you learn the needed skills and practices to really grow your business online via sales funnels. As well as learning how to drive traffic to your products or services with using a funnel.

Is $100 worth it to you to grow your business online? You can very quickly make back that investment with what they teach you in the training.

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Are There Extras That Come With OFA?

One of the many factors that make the one funnel away challenge an ideal funnel training course is the bonuses that come with it.

And instead of receiving the bonuses at the end, of the course, the enrolled participants get it in the very beginning.

As soon as a person gets registered in the OFA challenge, they get a complete kit that contains three goodies.

1. 30 Days Hardcover Challenge book

The book has 550 pages and contains all the informative material and data that the trainers teach. It is excellent for people who learn more by reading. And the book also has excellent revival plans in case a business declines. The book also contains interviews of the top entrepreneurs about the creation of a great funnel.

2. One Funnel Away Challenge workbook

The OFA challenge kit also contains an excellent workbook. The reason is that many people learn things by writing them down. Creating notes in a workbook also helps with knowing the progress. And anyone who has self-written notes can go back and revise the conceptual work.

3. MP3 Player with all the recordings

Many people do not have time to watch videos. But through the MP3 player, they can listen to all the recordings even while driving. And they can also transfer it to their phones or laptops. And then it will stay with them forever. And then they can revise the training whenever they want.

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Pros and Cons of OFA Challenge

A proper one funnel away challenge review would not be complete without a pros and cons. So… let’s begin!


• This training program covers all audiences with varying levels of knowledge. Those who know about funnels and those who don’t.

• It is quite fast, which means that it is time-saving, unlike many other training programs. They want you to see results within a short time frame.

• OFA challenge program is a only a one time investment, and due to it’s low price point, it is easy to recoup that investment.

• It offers high quality, effective information for those who want to grow their business online with using a sales funnel. They give you all the tools and information required to see great success if you take action.


There are not many cons of this program. From the high quality training to the low one time investment and all the bonuses it is hard to find a con.

A con could be that if you prefer the physical shipped OFA Challenge option it costs an extra $20. Also that it might not be for everyone. With that being said, you still have a 30 day refund guarantee.

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ClickFunnels Can Help You

As we take a small break from our one funnel away challenge review, we think it’s important to know more about Clickfunnels and how it can help your business.

As you have read, the founder of Clickfunnels is one of the creators of the OFA Challenge program. Clickfunnels is a software as a service or a SaaS company.

They are a sales funnel and website builder for entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help you grow your business online easier by giving you all the resources and tools to actually build websites, sales funnels, and etc.

Here is a quick video on Clickfunnels:

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Final Thoughts

One funnel away challenge is famous for a reason. This training program has no comparison when it comes to price and quality.

Several businesses have transformed themselves from a struggling state into a big name utilizing this training platform.

A great thing about this training program is the availability of multiple mediums to learn. Those who want to get benefit through digital ways can watch the videos and listen to the Mp3 recordings.

And those who want to read and learn can go through the book that comes as a bonus. And the practice involved in this program can help with the upgrading of any business.

This training plan is hugely worth it. For people who have no idea about sales funnels and what they can do to a business must take this course because this training can help them a lot.

We hope you enjoyed our One Funnel Away Challenge Review. We truly believe in this program just like the creators because it is a special opportunity for those who want to grow their business online.

What they are offering is special and we have seen so many success stories with it. So the question still remains… will you accept the challenge?

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