Network Marketing Secrets

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Network Marketing Secrets

Network marketing secrets is a book by Russell Brunson that has changed many entrepreneurs’ business lives; it is packed with essential information for network marketers and business owners.

Let’s see what it contains and how to implement the book’s principles with or without leveraging Clickfunnels. To know more about Clickfunnels, check out the other articles like this one.

What is network marketing secrets?

Network marketing secrets is a book designed to teach you how to grow your business using the power of sales funnels.
The books teach business owners how to work smart, be ethical in your dealings, and how to scale your business to the next level using network marketing.

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The Power of Network Marketing

Networking has always been an integral part of business growth. It is a great way to increase marketing and sales, especially in our current time; the internet has brought massive opportunities to businesses.

With the number of people on the internet, if you can harness the power of networking properly, your business sales and marketing’s potential growth is endless. If using the power of network marketing correctly you can see exponential growth in your business.

The first step to harnessing the power of network marketing is by gaining knowledge on how to go about it. Creating clear strategies to implement network marketing to your business, and finally, how to optimize it.

That’s where the Network marketing secrets come in. It is a book compiled by successful network marketer Russell Brunson, who is also the co-founder of Clickfunnels and author of the Network marketing secrets book.

One way to grow in any field of your choice is by studying the successful practitioners of the field. That’s exactly what you would be doing when studying the network marketing secrets book by Russell Brunson.

So, who is Russell Brunson?

So to recap, Russell Brunson is the co-founder of Clickfunnels, which is a SaaS company that provides business owners with tools to automate other business marketing and sales. The main focus of this being a sales funnel builder. Like we mentioned, for more in depth analysis and information on Clickfunnels more specifically check our other posts.

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Before the founding of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson was an online business owner who successfully implemented the use of digital marketing to scale up his business.

Soon after him graduating college, he had done over 1 million dollars in sales selling potato gun dvds… he is a very special kind of digital marketing genius.

One of the digital marketing concepts he mastered was network marketing, which he used to optimize his sales and marketing process.
During his time, there was little or no guidance on implementing digital marketing to his business, and he had to come up with his strategies that brought him massive success.

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Brunson is a master in network marketing

Many people don’t know that Russell Brunson has years of experience with MLM. MLM is one of the most popular forms of network marketing, and Russell Brunson found a lot of success in that field.

In fact, he has won a Ferrari from one MLM. He has created a couple million dollars in sales for several MLM organizations. He wrote the Network marketing secrets book, which is based on his long experience in the network marketing field, which he has found a lot of success in.

Russell Brunson is a man passionate about business owners; he has made so many solutions for problems faced by online entrepreneurs.
This can be seen in the creation of Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels has helped business owners build their websites, landing pages, sales funnels, other types of funnels, etc.. without spending much cash, less time, and less money. Clickfunnels helps business’s grow their business online through sales funnels.

Not only does Clickfunnels save time and money, but it is also more effective than traditional methods. It can significantly increase your conversion rate, thereby increasing your business’s sales revenue by converting more of your website visitors to customers.

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Russell Brunson is also the author of popular marketing books like Experts secrets, Dotcom secrets, and many more.
So, let’s take a deeper dive into what the book is all about?

Network Marketing Secrets Book Breakdown

When you open the book. The first thing you would notice is Russell Brunson did some analysis on the biggest challenges faced by marketers when trying to create a network marketing for the product or services.

What are the challenges he describes?


Recruiting is the first challenge he said network marketers would face when trying to market their product. There cannot be a network without having to recruit a group of distributors for your product. Having good recruiting is super key to have a very successful MLM.

It is the toughest step as if you don’t get it right, then the entire network marketing process is dead and would never work out.
One popular way of recruiting for your network marketing is to recruit your family and friends. You follow them up with messages and invites until they hopefully agree and join you down the line.

This is a normal instinct for most network marketers. Russell Brunson highlighted this method is not the right path as most times it doesn’t work out. Most of your family members and friends would turn down your offer or join for pity and would not play active roles in making the process successful. These are some of the reasons it is not a good option.

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Uninteresting products:

This is another challenge network marketers face. They sell a lot of uninteresting products which are not enticing enough for consumers.
There are a lot of innovative MLM products and services available at your disposal. Connecting to a company that sells unique products or services would make a lot of your network marketing job easier.

Your unique product alone would drive more interest to your network marketing. There are a lot of MLM organizations selling similar products such that there is little or no difference in the product or service they are selling.

There is a need to differentiate yourself from other network marketers like yourself. There is a need to stay unique, and having a good array of innovative products is a good way to go.

How to drive traffic to your website:

When building your marketing business, driving traffic to your website can be a big challenge, especially when you don’t have a ton of cash to pour into different traffic driving tools.

Another problem is the high bounce rate, which is when potential customers leave the website without getting anything instead of staying.
How can you drive traffic and solve the other challenges listed above?

You have to continue reading the network marketing secrets. Russell Brunson gave the solutions to perfectly solve the challenges in the second section of the book, which he called the last funnels.

Let’s take a deeper look into the second section of the book.

We hope you are enjoying are breakdown and analysis of network marketing secrets and even Clickfunnels.

The Lost Funnels

The first solution is the Lead funnel 1 – The bridge funnel (The three-way call):

A little summary of what is a funnel? A funnel is simply an automated marketing tool used to reach out to help convert your visitors into leads and leads into customers in a simplified step by step way. They can make the conversion process much easier and increase the potential revenue for every person sent through the funnel versus a website.

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Russell Brunson analyzed that when starting out as a network marketer, you might not be familiar with your organization’s products. If that is the case, you would need to get someone who can tell your product’s story to your customers. Hence, to help sell the product better to your customers.

The ideal person will be your upline. The funnel is a three-step system. The funnel = “curiosity headline,” which leads to the “bridge,” which would then lead them to a “corporate website” this is known as the three-way call.

It is an age-long concept that would help you progress your prospects with your upline without you having to do much, as most of the process is automated.

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The second solution: Lost funnels 2 – The house/home party funnel

This is a more personal strategy. The funnel = “welcome” to “hang out” to “offer page.”

This is a traditional MLM strategy that involves you inviting your prospect to your house. Then you show them the product and explain how beneficial it would be for them to join your team.

Now you don’t necessarily need to do physical meetings, as there are ways to do the meetings online. The Network marketing secrets book teaches them; you can have a digital hangout/ party with your prospects.

This strategy lets you know your prospects more and generates more leads and sales. It also increases traffic to your offers as most of the prospect that attends the hangout ends up getting to the offer page.

Russell Brunson further explains why this strategy works and why it’s one of the best strategies for your MLM business.

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The third solution: The lost funnels 3 – The hotel meeting:

The funnel =” register” to “ticket” to “webinar” to “offer page”.

This is a four-step process, and it is the last piece of the lost funnels. This funnel allows you to introduce your prospects to the MLM business and introduce them to top earners to motivate them further to join and sell the products.

To get the full details of how the funnel works, get the Network marketing secrets book. It is all well-explained in the book.

Viral loop

The last part of the network marketing secrets book teaches about the viral loop, and it is for those who sell online.

The viral loop is a selling sequence in a funnel that effectively sells your products. The viral loop has four components, which are:

1. Epiphany bridge: which shows how to sell with without selling

2. The demo: shows how to show your prospects a live product demo

3. The call to action: this shows how to close sales.

4. Duplication: This shows how to rinse and repeat the process effectively.

Final note:

Again, it is heavily suggested that you are going to use Clickfunnels or already have Clickfunnels to take full advantage of all the amazing value the book gives you. It is not a 100% necessity, you will still learn a lot, but the book is all about using sales funnels to scale up and grow your network marketing team which in turn means more money.

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Where to Buy Network Marketing Secrets

Network marketing secrets is currently free. All you have to do is cover the cost of shipping the book to your location, anywhere you are in the world. It would cost about $7.95 for US residents and $16.04 for non-US residents.

You can get the book right here.

There is also the option for you to get the book in bulk. Maybe you want to use it as a gift for your prospects.


The network marketing secrets book is a must-read for any network marketer who wants to improve their marketing skills. The book contains everything you would need to overcome the challenges the network marketing industry offers today. Seriously for less than $10, this book is worth 10x that easily.

In addition to the book, make sure you get the Clickfunnels software. Clickfunnels offers everything you need to automate your business sales and marketing process. There are currently two major plans. Here is our article on Clickfunnels pricing breakdown.