Lead Funnels

Welcome to our article about Lead Funnels. In this article, we are going to learn about lead funnels like what it is, why it is worth your time, who is it meant for, and how it can help you, etc.

Also know, that Lead Funnels is a product that Clickfunnels offers. You do not need Clickfunnels necessarily to get Lead Funnels but it is strongly recommended.

This is due to Lead Funnels talks all about leveraging sales funnels to get more leads and therefore assuming you will use Clickfunnels the website and sales funnel builder to get more leads for your specific business.

Clickfunnels gives you all you need to market, sell and deliver your products and services online. It is the Funnel Enthusiast’s number 1 choice for the top online business software on the market.

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So, without any delay let’s get right into the article.

Lead Funnels

With every passing minute so many advancements are happening on the Internet. And so, the online marketing strategies are getting complex which means an increase in the competition as well.

And all the business owners want to create that one sales funnels that can generate the leads. However, lead generating is not always an easy process. And that’s why when businesses get the hang of creating a nice funnel they never share it.

And let’s be real. Getting leads and ultimately sales are extremely important. Getting consistent leads and sales at a profitable rate is crucial to any business. Customers are the lifeblood, and therefore generating leads is so important.

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But the question is what we can do to create a lead generating sales funnel? Well, the answer to that is Lead Funnels and using Clickfunnels.

Quick Video on Clickfunnels

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What is it?

Lead Funnels is a little case study of ClickFunnels that comes with authentic 106 case studies of successful lead funnels that anyone can model off of and create for your own specific business.

The goal of lead funnels is to provide massive amount of value (106 real lead funnel case studies) for only $7. It’s goal is to help provide you massive insight on how to go out and make your own lead funnel and crush it.

As mentioned earlier, generating leads consistently and at a profitable rate is so important.

Lead Funnels is the solution for every entrepreneur out there who could never create great lead funnels despite having fantastic business ideas/products.

So, the whole idea of creating an e-book that has all the great funnel creating training was by ClickFunnels. So, by now you have understood that Lead Funnels is an e-book of 106 lead funnels case studies.

The total pages of the e-book are 172. And the cost of Lead Funnels is just $7 which is a great deal. You will find five major chapters in the e-book.

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These are,

1. The history of Lead Funnels

2. The strategy for creating a Lead Funnel

3. The implementation of a Lead Funnel

4. 114 Funnels Swipes

5. Landing pages swipe

Why it is great?

Lead Funnels is great because it can help any business generate sales and get more leads. It will help you create a simple 2-3 step sales funnel.

You can then opt-in by using your email address and this is all for a lead magnet. Now that you have it, you can add it to your autoresponder. And now the emails you will send your potential customers will be properly automated.

With all the automated emails your leads can now see the products and might even buy them.

Even though we have discussed that Lead Funnels is great but there are still some parts of this product we have not touched on quite yet.

1. Unlocking the secrets of sales funnels

In this $7 e-book, you will find all the possible sales generating, leads to generating information. You will find out all the secrets of creating the best sales funnel.

2. Opt-in of every single sales funnel

As there are more than 100 funnels present in the e-book. It gives you the option to get a lead magnet and opt-in any sales funnels you like.

It will not only enhance your leads but also make your email list exponentially better.

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3. Share Funnels Option

If you have a ClickFunnels account or subscription you can easily incorporate more than 30 funnels in there. And all of them will be awesome lead funnels for you to start right off with one of the funnels, ready to go.

Who it is meant for?

Now you must be wondering who is it for, is it for every business? Or if you are eligible enough to have Lead Funnels? Well, in both cases the answer is yes.

Because as we have already discussed every business needs leads to generate funnels. And if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner regardless of the size of your business, and you have an online presence, you need Lead Funnels.

Lead Funnels is for,

• Physicians

• Lawyers


• Businesses

• Agencies

• Traffic grabbing

• Podcasters

• Chefs

• Musicians

• Engineers

• Artists

• Scientists

• Social Media

• Therapists

• Gyms

• Retail stores

The list doesn’t end here. They are used by anyone that can benefit from more leads for their specific needs such as their business. If you don’t have a business quite yet and want to start one Clickfunnels can help you out. Also if you already have an established business, Clickfunnels can help you greatly, and grow your business online.

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Lead Funnels Tool: Click Funnels and It’s Background

Lead Funnels is an e-book by Russel Brunson who is the co-founder of Clickfunnels and is also a multi-millionaire. He has included the best l06 funnels in the e-book. We have already explained this but want to do more of a recap so there is no confusion.

These very successful lead generation funnels are extremely successful and are used by ClickFunnels and some other businesses to get leads. Now let’s talk a little bit about ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is an website and sales funnel builder that allows you to market, sell and deliver your products or services online. It is meant to make things easier, cheaper, and less stress for the business owner to sell their products or services on the internet.

Their goal is to provide with you pretty much anything you could need as an online business owner. They want to take care of the whole technology side for you and therefore making it extremely easy to use Clickfunnels. No coding required.

The main bread and butter of Clickfunnels is of course using sales funnels. Sales funnels whole purpose it so simplify the sales/conversions process and turn your visitors into leads and then into long term paying customers.

To exponentially increase the amount of potential revenue from every single person you send through the funnel. Simply put, to make more money with less work and effort and to utilize the best salesman on the planet that can work 24/7 without complaining or wanting a raise.

Clickfunnels more in depth

That best salesman of course being the sales funnel.

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Clickfunnels also comes with an insane amount of trainings and other extremely helpful things that skyrocket your business such as learning how to drive traffic. Learning the proper mentality (mindset) and so much more.

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ClickFunnels have a very easy interface and that is why thousands of millionaires are associated with it. They are reaping the rewards of using sales funnels via Clickfunnels.

Overall, ClickFunnels is a great marketing platform for your business to leverage.

From email marketing automation to A/B split testing, and from landing pages to copywriting ClickFunnels does just about everything. It gives you tools and trainings to improve your content like your products and services.

And the software takes care of the marketing itself.

Why lead funnels and Clickfunnels will help you get more leads for your business?

Lead Funnel is a part of ClickFunnels. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee option and charges only $7 to guide you all about creating amazing lead funnels for your specific business.

The only problem with Lead Funnels is that you can’t get the live training with Russell Brunson unless you pay for that separately. Other than that, everything is great Lead Funnels. Like we have mentioned… it’s only $7.

Get Lead Funnels here while it’s still only $7.

It will teach you the right ways of creating your sales funnel and you will learn how to increase your sales and get more leads.


Now let’s talk about the pricing of Lead Funnels. The main thing you get is an e-book. And that too for only $7. So, you will have the power to generate leads with just a couple dollars worth of learning these case studies.

If the e-book is not enough for you which is rarely the case, then you can have live training sessions. You will have to pay an extra $37 to get live video access.

For a $37 order bump, you will also be getting 30 differently designed templates of Share Funnels You can incorporate those funnels in your ClickFunnels account. The 30 templates that you get will help you with creating high lead generating funnels.

Pros and Cons of Lead Funnels

Now that we have covered the pricing, it is time to discuss the pros and cons of the case studies.


• Saves you time, money, and effort. You do not even have to hire people to make lead capturing funnels for you.

• It is super affordable. You are only paying $7 and getting all the secrets of successful lead funnels.

• Even if you get stuck you have lifetime access to video recordings as you have your e-book.

• You have a huge list of funnels that have proven to be the best at generating leads.

• You have the availability of ready-made models.


• The only con of is that the order bump requires you to pay an extra $37. And if you are someone who needs a live training session to create a funnel then you must have to pay for that. This is not required though, only for those that would like live training.

Final Thoughts

If you want a collection of extremely powerful case studies of some of the best lead generating funnels… Lead Funnels is exactly what you need. For a small amount of just $7 you will be getting access to some of the most amazing lead generating funnels.

Lead generation is so important. Obviously without leads and customers and sales there would be no business. We highly recommend the product and to then of course use Clickfunnels for your sales funnel builder. It is kind of assumed you already have Clickfunnels for getting a product like Lead Funnels. Get more information on Clickfunnels here.

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So, if you are serious about learning how to implement very successful lead generation funnels so you can truly learn how to get unlimited leads for your business in the most profitable and fastest way possible… you have found the right product.

Get Lead Funnels here for just $7 while still available.

On that note, we are ending our article and we hope that you have got all the necessary information and got some value. Make sure to check out our other articles on Clickfunnels if you still want more information.