Kartra Review

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Kartra Review

Welcome to our Kartra review. Here our goal is to help you decide whether Kartra can help you and your online business, or even start one.

Kartra is undoubtedly a great all-in-one online marketing platform which was founded about 6 years ago but then the Kartra beta went live in 2017. Ever since it’s beginning, it has been in the spotlight growing and improving.

If you have a product or service and you are ready to let the world know about it, and sell it, Kartra can help you do that. Their goal is to make your online business easy, simple, all in one place, and most importantly save you money.

It has made marketing extremely easy for online businesses of all scales and sizes. From all their pricing choices to the features and their technology they are providing… it is truly astounding. The feature that they provide that will be the most important for your online business is the concept of the sales funnel.

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The Power Of A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the most important feature they offer for your online business. More and more are sales funnels becoming so crucial for an online business to succeed. Having the ability to create a series of steps a new visitor goes through to become an actual customer is so important.

Having the potential to make more money off every single person you send through the funnel can completely change a business. It has helped failing businesses turn into 6, 7, or even 8 figure businesses. We are not saying it is easy, but 100% possible.

The power to warm the customer along certain sequences before becoming a buyer is unmatched.

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Why Kartra Is Unique

The thing about this platform is that you’ll find a lot of marketing tools that you didn’t even know existed. Your business could also potentially benefit off of all of these tools they offer.

You can buy your marketing tools and software, or pick and choose from different providers and piece things together but there is no way to guarantee continued success.

Furthermore, it is stressful and confusing trying to piece and bring together various different marketing tools and softwares from a variety of sources with varying price points. It is more preferable to have everything in the same place and easily accessible.

Kartra strives to make it easy for the business owner. Everything in one place, easy to access and integrate.

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Kartra Helps Turn Visitors Into Customers

One thing to note is that even while doing a good job with providing the proper information with your website or funnels, are you going to have the strategies to convert those visitors into sales?

Kartra comes with a proper long term plan that will analyze your business model and will predict your business progress in the upcoming years. Not only that, but it will convert your efforts into leads and then profit.

Here is the detailed review of Kartra and the features they are providing.

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Features of Kartra

It is important to note, that Kartra prides itself in being the best all-in-one platform for your online business. Having everything under one roof, easy, and simple for your online business needs.

To minimize the points of failure and stress for the business owner, to make it easy and practical for a pro to use or your everyday joe who is clueless.

To keep everything super safe and in the cloud, nothing to download and above all else save you money to run your business in pristine condition.

Kartra is providing more than 14 marketing tools for businesses to shine and progress non-stop. Your business might need only a few of them or maybe all of them. The selection of tools you will need depends on what your business is or does and your business’s goals.

Kartra Pages

As you may know, it is very important for an online business to have a website with many important pages including home page, about page, upsell and down-sell pages, contact, thank you, error pages and etc.

They have so many options and templates for whatever type of business you have. It really seems like they have thought of just about anything you could need building pages. Also they give you hundreds of different options and designs that are engaging and stunning.

The pages are beautifully designed and optimized to attract the viewer’s attention and keep them hooked to your website. Not only that, but it offers several features for the different pages of your website like progress bars and exit popups.

You can create entire websites, track your visitors, optimize through split testing, endless templates, easy drag and drop, and most importantly build something powerful to convert your visitors into customers.

At the end of the day that is what you are here for is to make money. Kartra helps you do this like no other.

Having an extremely powerful page builder like this for your business could be a game changer.

Here is an example of Kartra Pages in motion

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

The concept and execution of the sales funnel is a true specialty of Kartra. That is one of their main focuses with their platform. Giving you this extremely powerful marketing technique of using a sales funnel.

As previously mentioned, the power of a proper sales funnel cannot be underestimated and how it has the potential to transform a business practically overnight.

Kartra is special in this regard though because their funnels and campaigns is different from their competition. This is due to the fact you can create very advances sales funnels in Kartra with ease.

Not only create amazing automated funnels, but having all the various pillars of a funnel like optin forms, pages, checkout, lead tagging, mailing, memberships and etc. Having everything all intertwined under one umbrella is truly special.

They even offer done-for-you campaigns, the ability to sell your marketing ideas through their campaign marketplace and etc. While writing this Kartra review more in depth, it really opened our eyes to how good it can be if used properly.

If you need to create and launch automated, sales driving funnels in just minutes that actually convert… Kartra can be of service.

Interested in this feature? See Kartra Funnels and Campaigns in action here.

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Kartra Mail

The concept and execution of email marketing is still the king of attracting and retaining customers for the long term. Although there has been talks about email marketing being dead, or not effective more recently, that is completely fiction.

Just a quick looks at some statistics from a google search and you will find some staggering numbers. The numbers show that the potential for email marketing and what it can do for someone’s business is astronomical.

If you would like some more thorough information on why email marketing is still the king, check this website out.

Email marketing if done right can bring you that huge customer base and having the power to broadcast to them with a push of a send button. Do you see the incredible power of that, and what it can do for your online business?

But you can’t manually type a new e-mail or even copy and paste the same email X times a day depending on your list size.

Imagine having a list of 100,000 people and you wanted to send an email to all of them… that is an insane amount of copy and pasting and work you would have to do.

For doing something like this, you need an email automation tool/software that can create unlimited emails to communicate with your customers. Not just create automated emails but to setup email sequences and other various options is crucial.

Kartra can help you get more clicks on your emails, more actual reading, and more customers. To help boost your revenue and make you more profitable.

They have one of the best email marketing softwares on the market today, with a vast array of things it can do from advanced tracking, automation, split testing, behavioral based-actions and more.

When we were reviewing Kartra, we noted that they not only offer great email templates but also subjects lines, tags, sequences, splits, and personalized email content according to your customer’s response to your emails.

This is so brilliant because it gives you the business owner more opportunity to crush it with email marketing. The end goal being of course more paying customers, bigger list, building a relationship with the customers, and of course more revenue.

Check out Kartra Mail in motion here.

Kartra Leads

This will continue to touch on parts of email marketing and Kartras features that go with that.

Most new businesses fail even after capturing the leads mainly because they think it is enough. But that’s not true due to the next step which would be regular follow-up and management of your leads.

Don’t forget, your leads are literally the bloodline of your business. It will either make or break you. Kartra understands this better than anyone else and that is why they put so much time and attention to helping you track and manage them.

To manage your leads, you will need tools that can facilitate lead tagging, scoring, and even in some cases providing you the information about the clicks on your website.

All that sounds like a lot of work and it actually is a lot of work. But if you associate your business with Kartra you’ll automatically get the tools for lead management and they will do all that for you.

We hope you are enjoying our Kartra review. We know the email marketing section was a bit long, but we fill it is really important to emphasize the importance it can do for a business.

See Kartra Leads in all it’s power here.

Kartra Memberships

If you have knowledge to share, Kartra memberships will help you broadcast that to the world. You can create certain programs or courses for your business that offer subscriptions on them or whatever price point and the ability to promote them to get people to buy.

While this is nice, it will also increase your workload. You will then have to manage the data of people who are buying from your course/program and everything that goes along with that.

Kartra makes it very easy for you to deliver to your customers a full learning experience. They stress giving you, the membership creator, all the flexibility and tools to bring your vision to life.

They give you features like progression tracking of your students, automated content drip/structure if you so please, ability to interact, moderate, support, member management, multi-site portals, analytics, professionally crafted templates and more.

Bottom line is if you have knowledge you want to sell Kartra memberships will you help you do with with flying colors.

Check out Kartra Memberships here in action.

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Kartra Videos

These days people mostly prefer watching videos versus reading about a service. Due to this, adding short video clips to your pages can be a must, and Kartra understands this.

For that, there is a need for tools to record professional videos and then properly edit them. This part can be done by most businesses.

Kartra however has a video hosting service that provides businesses the strategy of ordering their videos. Even having the ability of creating a proper playlist with their social media icons placed on their videos.

They also provide the analysis of which video is doing better than the rest and that helps businesses know what their customers are liking. Simply put they will analyze the split testing and tell you which things work the best.

They give you everything you would need to be a very successful video marketer. Sometimes nothing tells and sells like a video.

See Kartra Videos in more depth here.

Kartra Calendars

Many businesses offer bookings for meetings and it’s hard to remember and keep track of all of them. Appointment scheduling is a tough task because it is not always smooth.

People cancel their bookings and then sometimes reschedule them. Kartra provides a clear medium that allows your customers to see your weekly or monthly appointments so that they can easily see the free slots.

The more you facilitate with your customer the more they will come to you. Kartra calendars is a place for you to get more connected with your customers.

See Kartra Calenders more here.

Kartra Forms

This is the ultimate spot to capture your leads and them ultimately grow your business.

Using Kartra form builder you can customize the forms the way you want to and can create your own featured form. You can add upcoming sale offers, discounts, promo codes, and even newsletters instead of just asking for their name and email.

Most of the websites have quite plain and boring forms but yours will make you stand out and increase conversions and gather more information. Every online marketer should know, the more data they collect, the more powerful they become.

Having more data, and information will mean you will be able to understand your target audience better, shift your marketing, increase conversions, and revenue with less cost and less struggle.

They really have a next generation form builder with everything you could need to capture your precious leads with grace.

See Kartra Forms in all it’s glory here.

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Kartra Affiliates

As you may or may not know, having affiliates who will actively promote your business for a commission per sale or signup is extremely powerful for the business owner.

This is because having proper affiliates out there promoting your business, will increase you customer base, and revenue without an extra lift of the finger.

You simply pay them based off of the results and sales they bring to your business.

Repeat, we repeat, this is free advertising for you because they are putting the work into bringing in the sales for you.

Businesses love affiliates promoting their business, if done properly and ethically because who doesn’t want more money for less work?

All that being said, many businesses have affiliates that after some time vanish like they were never there. That is why a compliance test could be important to you.

Kartra affiliates feature allows you to create a custom questionnaire containing questions that you need to ask your affiliates before associating them with you.

That gives you an upper edge and then after you select the affiliates you want to work with, you can further check any of their performances and analytics of selling your products.

If they are doing nothing then you can end your affiliation with them if you so choose. Overall this feature will keep you competitive in the market.

It will keep you competitive because you can have a small or huge army of affiliates out their promoting your business bringing you in the extra money. Hopefully you understand why it can be so beneficial for your business.

With confidence, this Kartra review is helping and providing value to you and your online business.

Want to see how Kartra Affiliates works in more detail? Click here.

Kartra Checkouts

Checkout pages should be simple yet classy and should be a representation of your business. And like any other business you need to set up a checkout page, that is not only user-friendly but also facilitating in terms of money.

Spending money on something online comes with a catch so you need to put labels like money-back guarantee, trial period options, installment options, and even free trial options for a certain time on your website’s checkout page.

The time and money you are saving through Kartra can be invested in launching new products or other business expenses. Truly just depends on what your online business is.

At the end of the day you want to make money obviously. Kartra can help to transact sales and make that happen.

Kartra has everything you need to be able to sell your products or services online through their secure and aesthetically pleasing checkout forms.

Collecting your money is important. See Kartra Checkouts in motion here.

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Kartra Helpdesks

Any great business can fail if the customer service they are providing is poor or nonexistent. After all, what is a business without any customers? You need to put them at your top priority, and help them.

The secret behind a successful business is the strong communication between the customers and the business provider.

But that doesn’t mean that you should start sending your customers a million emails every day. Instead, you need to create a customized response to the queries of every single customer.

That is not possible for any business to sit and type a personalized response. For that, you need certain tools to create a strong customer service that can help you save time, money and keep your customers engaged and interested in your business.

Half of business success is returning customers. Kartra understands this and that’s why they have such an amazing helpdesk portal and support ticketing and live chat. Even providing billing support.

Kartra’s customer support service provides your online business all the great tools to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Interested in seeing more Kartra Helpdesk? See how it works here.

Kartra Agencies

Probably either one of the least needed or most needed feature for your online business. If you are an agency, Kartra will help you have the ability to run and manage client accounts from a centralized master console.

The ability to have all clients in one spot, easy to see, study their portfolios, whether at glance or in depth. They even have different agency models you can choose from whether it’s an owner model, or contractor model.

The power to brand your agency, keeping the billing easy and simple and much more.

If you are an agency, this might just be the go-to software you need to run a very successful agency with ease.

Kartra Marketplace

Although briefly mentioned earlier, this is the tool you want to use if you are wanting to buy or sell your expertise and knowledge with the community.

It’s where you can find Kartra experts to get help and guidance or you can be the expert and offer the same.

It’s a very unique opportunity for you to make extra income helping other Kartra users if anyone needs help.

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Integrations and API

Kartra has strong ties with some big names and brands and it smoothly integrates with them. Overall, Kartra is self reliant and is expanding its network.

Kartra even provides API and IPN tools and app systems to its customers and businesses who want to code a custom integration with Kartra.

Though Kartra has a some of the best professional coders and programmers for their platform, they still respect and encourage the talent of people who want to code their own integrations.

That’s a very small but intricate detail which makes Kartra stand out in a bunch of marketing companies.

See their API and more in action here.

What would a proper Kartra review be if we didn’t talk price for this all in one platform? Here it is.

Price Plans

There are four price plans offered by Kartra and the good thing is that they are providing 30 days money-back guarantee on any plan you go with.

They also let you try their platform for just $1 for 14 days. The plans provided by Kartra are monthly subscriptions or annual billing.

1. Starter Plan – $99/month

For a small scale business, the starter plan of Kartra is more than enough. It comes with one custom domain, 1500 emails, 2500 leads, host 100 pages, host 50 videos, and several other perks.

2. Silver Plan – $199/month

For a relatively bigger business silver plan is recommended. It comes with 3 custom domains, unlimited emails, unlimited videos, unlimited pages, 12,500 leads, and the inclusion of a free Kartra agency.

3. Gold Plan – $299/month

Kartra’s Gold plan is for business giants and it comes with 5 custom domains, 25,000 leads, unlimited emails, videos, and pages, and free Kartra agency.

4. Platinum Plan – $499/month

Platinum Plan is for vast and diverse businesses with multiple needs. It comes with 10 custom domains, up to 50,000 leads, unlimited emails, videos, unlimited pages, and unlimited helpdesks.

Annual billing option

Kartra also provides you the option of annual billing that will save you up to 25% on all four plans. If you are serious about Kartra and the power it brings, we recommend going with annual billing to save a lot of money.

Although our Kartra review does give good detail on the pricing of this platform, for more in depth analysis on pricing please click here.

Kartra Review Pros and Cons


1. All in one platform

Kartra literally has everything you could possibly need for your online business. No joke, there is nothing else that we can think of that you might need that Kartra does not offer.

This perk is hard to find in other marketing platforms. It has everything your online business could ever need and then some.

2. Advanced functionality

Kartra provides so many advanced features for an online business that you might not even know can benefit your business in a big way.

3. Great training

The experience of utilizing different tools provided by Kartra to manage your online business and educate you a lot about business marketing. They do a great job at teaching you how to use Kartra to it’s fullest potential and ultimately bring you more revenue.

Ready to try Kartra today for just $1? Get your 2 week trial here.


1. A little less user-friendly

Businesses that are new to online marketing in the beginning can feel there is a lot to learn in Kartra. This could be seen as positive or negative but we suppose in the beginning it can be a little overwhelming.

It’s important to understand though this is okay, because you could be new to online marketing in general, nonetheless using a platform like Kartra.

You got to get your feet wet or your hands dirty first, and overtime you will become more comfortable just like anything in life that is new. Soon you will become the master, but you have to take action first.

So Kartra can be complex in the beginning but they really provide a lot of trainings and exercises for you to feel more comfortable and you learn as you go.

2. Potential to add more packages/Might not need all packages

The pricing overall is good but there is definitely room for some improvement as far as the features and packages are concerned.

We could not find any other all in one platform to meet any and all needs for an online business for their price points, but it’s not perfect.

A negative could also be that you might not need all their tools but still have to pay the same price whether you use all 14 tools or only 3.

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Quick Overview Video On Kartra

Ready to take action and grow your sales and business online? Get Kartra today for just $1 for two weeks here.

Ending Of Our Kartra Review

So, here the Kartra review ends. To conclude, no marketing platform is 100% perfect but Kartra is very close to that. This truly is an incredible product and platform.

Only thing is you might not need all their tools/packages that comes with having Kartra. If you really only need a funnel builder with some additional options like an email autoresponder please check out our clickfunnels posts.

Clickfunnels might be more of the perfect option for you, and depending on the plan you choose for either platform. Clickfunnels could save you money if you only want a funnel builder with some extras.

Kartra is a great option if you are looking for an online all in one marketing platform for your business. Like mentioned earlier we could not find any other platform offering all they have for the price points they have.

Trust Kartra and associate your business with them. We think you will be more than pleased with their platform. This marks the end of our Kartra review.

We hope you enjoyed it. It would be shorter but we don’t want to skip anything on this platform.

Start Kartra now for just $1 for 14 days. Start growing your business online easier.