Kartra Pricing

Please enjoy our breakdown on Kartra pricing. Look for our other posts on Kartra if you still have certain questions or want to learn more about this all in one platform for your online business.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra is an all in one online software/platform that gives you everything you could need for online business.

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Everything you could need to sell your products or services online with ease, and all under one roof. Their goal is to help you grow your business online much easier, save you money, and have everything all together. No more need for using multiple sources for various things related to your business.

It is not only a one-stop-shop but offers reasonable pricing and superb features and tools to all types of business owners also.

Their budget includes monthly and annual subscription with some bonuses too for their customers’ satisfaction. Kartra bestows a diverse range of services and perks for all, from starters to well established heavy hitter online businesses.

In their subscription packages, they include all their plans that are helpful for the starters equally. They don’t omit any perk besides Kartra agency for the starter plan. All the plans simply differ in numbers and the limits for each perk or feature on the plans.

Obviously increasing the number of uses of a perk or feature the higher priced plan you decide to go with for your online business.

Kartra has four different tiers or plans for you to choose from. Each of these four tiers you can either pay monthly or save roughly 25% per year going to annual billing.

If you are very serious about growing or starting your online business. We would recommend fully to do the annual billing option.

Here is a breakdown of Kartra pricing plans so that you may check and choose it as per your budget and what your business needs.

14 Day Trial:

If you are a novice and are not sure about investing money or not sure Kartra is that great (which it is), you have a fantastic opportunity of a 14 day trial on Kartra for only $1. Click here to get your $1 trial.

Your trial period includes all the plans they are offering for online businesses. With just $1 and 14 days to get your hands dirty, you will further understand if it is worth investing in or not for your business.

This opportunity is perfect for everyone to know about the Kartra platform, its wide range of capabilities, and etc.

Kartra Pricing plan is broken down into either monthly and annual subscriptions like mentioned earlier. It is important to remember that Kartra is a software as a service company or a SaaS.

1. Monthly Subscription
2. Annual Subscription

Monthly Subscription:

In monthly offers, you can get all features and online business tools at a very reasonable price. It is subdivided into four tiers or plans according to the businesses needs.

The Four Different Tiers or Plans Names:

  1. Starter
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum

Monthly Packages for Starter:

Business owners can avail this offer just by paying $99 per month. Here you will receive 2500 leads and one custom domain. All other features except Kartra agency are also included. Unless you are an agency though, this will not matter to you at all.

Not to mention you will be allowed 15,000 emails a month, 50GB bandwidth, host 100 pages and 50 videos. Also, sell 20 products, have 2 membership sites, add 1 additional team member and finally have 1 helpdesk.

As you can tell this is a very solid starter pack for the price. We personally do not really recommend this option though for one huge reason. That reason is for the extra $100 per month or even less if you are on annual billing, Silver package offers you so much more for just a bit more money.

Although, Kartra agency is not included in their starter pack is not offered, like previously mentioned if you don’t run an agency it isn’t going to matter to you.

It’s not a horrible idea to start here, but we just think that the Silver package is a no brainer if you are going to invest and use Kartra. Mind as well get way more access, freedom and power with the platform for just a bit more money.

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Monthly Packages for Silver:

Here Kartra extends its perks to 12,5000 leads and three custom domains and unlimited provision to other features and tools under one umbrella. All these services in $199 per month. It also unlocks Kartra’s unique bonus of Kartra Agency.

So as you can tell from previously mentioning in the starter plan, the silver really makes way more sense financially. The starter pack gives you a small taste but comes with a bit too many limits and for just that extra bit of money you have way more freedom.

If you are going with Kartra to use for your online business, we recommend starting here and then as you continue to grow maybe upgrade to a higher plan.

Monthly Packages for Gold:

Within this package, the customer can benefit from 25,000 leads and five custom domains, and unlimited access to all other features of Kartra for just $299 per month. This also includes the Kartra Agency bonus.

So to recap, the only real difference that has changed between Silver and Gold is the increase in leads, and custom domains. Besides that nothing else has changed because in the Silver plan almost everything was unlimited and not capped out.

Monthly Packages for Platinum:

Platinum Package extends services to the large business size by offering up to 50,000 leads and ten custom domains. You get all of this for $499 per month. Again, you will get Kartra Agency as a bonus with this package. Only the start plan does not have access to their agency feature.

Platinum plan is only for the big dog online businesses. Online businesses that are push a lot of traffic, sales, funnels, websites and etc. Most businesses will not need this for a while until they continue to expand their business to greater heights with help of the Kartra platform of course.

To recap once again nothing really changes between the silver, gold, and platinum packages besides the increase in leads and custom domains. That really is the only difference.

Luckily they make their differences in their 4 different plans very easy to break down and distinguish in depth. They make things simple and easy to understand.

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Money-Back Guarantee:

Luckily with the Kartra pricing breakdown, Kartra it offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Kartra fully believes in and stands behind their all in one platform as well as tens of thousands of online businesses using Kartra.

Even with this said, for whatever reason you are not satisfied with their all in one platform for your online business needs, you can get your money back within that 30 days.

It is as simple as emailing their support, and they will get you squared away very swiftly, painlessly and give you your money back no questions asked.

We hope you are enjoying our Kartra pricing breakdown, please see our other posts if you still have questions or curious about Kartra or their competitors.

With the full breakdown of the 4 different plans and the monthly pricing for each plan now we must talk annual billing. This is our personal choice due to the fact you save roughly 25% on each plan just by paying a one time annual fee versus month to month.

It’s smarter to do annual because chances are if you use Kartra for your online business needs, you will not be thinking about cancelling it anytime soon. You will use their platform, fall in love with it, become a master, and only grow with Kartra.

Annual Packages:

Annual packages encompass the same features and tools and limits as described in Monthly packages in each category, respectively. This billing choice only comes down to you saving money if you are investing in Kartra and using it to grow your business online. You can save roughly 25% on all four of their plans, so whatever one you choose.

Here are the details of monthly charges to be deposited for each package deal category:

● New annual price for Starter Package:

If you switch to annual for starter package, it now drops to $79 per month instead of $99 per month. You will save $240 yearly just by going with annual billing.

● New annual price for Silver Package:

When switching to annual for silver package, it now drops to $149 per month instead of $199. Switching to annual will save you $600 per year.

● New annual price for Gold Package:

Now the cost is only $229 a month instead of the $299. This equates to saving $840 a year.

● New annual price for Platinum Package:

The price will shoot down to $379 a month from the original $499 a month with monthly billing. Switching to annual will save you $1440 a year.

Short Video On Kartra Demo

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Why Kartra Is The Right Choice For Your Business

Kartra provides all the possible things you could need to have an extremely effective and efficient online business in one place, saving money, time, and frustration.

To build and promote your online business, you have to have the right tools and features, just like custom domains, campaigns, plugins, email automation, host video, lead pages, helpdesk, sales funnels, etc.

Kartra offers the most amount of features, tools and capabilities for your online business at the cheapest prices we could find. If your goal is to sell products or services online with ease, Kartra is here to make that happen with flying colors especially using sales funnels.

If you need help increasing your traffic and conversions with your funnels click here. Get help from digital marketing and funnel builder experts.

Now, Kartra isn’t the only option you could use for your online business but they do offer the most amount of things for the cheapest prices. Only two other platforms we feel could truly help your online business is Clickfunnels or Groovefunnels.

Each have their pros and cons of course but we believe the most in either Clickfunnels or Kartra. Groovefunnels is too new and still in the beta for us to take it too seriously like these two other powerhouses.

Check out our other posts for further help on what software and platform can help you grow your business online. This concludes our Kartra pricing, we hope you enjoyed.

If you haven’t yet, get your Kartra trial today for just $1 for 14 days. You won’t regret it.