Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Welcome to our Kajabi Vs Clickfunnels review. Here we will try to critically compare both the platforms to make it easier for you to decide what software/platform is best for your online business.

What software will help your online business the most depending on your needed features, pricing, and more.

Both are very good platforms to leverage your online business and to grow it exponentially, so here we hope to make it a clear cut choice of the one that can help you the most.

Let’s begin.

Kajabi Vs ClickFunnels In-Depth Comparison


This Kajabi vs ClickFunnels comparison will cover both the differences and similarities between the two digital marketing platforms.

In this section we will explain how we are going to structure this article.

Both the platforms provide the ease of a 14 days free trial period, which is great. Even though both Kajabi and ClickFunnels are very similar, there are still a lot of differences.

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So, that is why we are going to give you a complete overview of these platforms. We will discuss how they operate, what they can do for your business, and which one of them you should choose.

Let’s just be honest here… Whenever we invest in a marketing platform we want the as much surety as possible of our business’s growth or its success level. So, we must select the right marketing platform to ensure the success of our ventures best we can.

Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels overlap a lot which can overwhelm you. The differences in the features may confuse you to the point where you may consider the option of buying the membership plan of both the platforms. Although they both can integrate with eachother we strongly recommend choosing on or the other.

In conclusion, there can be a similarity in several services that both Kajabi and ClickFunnels are providing but they are designed for different and very specific audiences.

To let you know where your business fits, is the goal of this Kajabi vs ClickFunnels article. So, let’s get right into the comparison to ease your decision if you are having trouble with that.

There is no such thing as a winning platform between these two. It’s kind of like picking the right answer or the right answer. It all depends on your needs.

As, we have already discussed that both Kajabi and ClickFunnels are for different audiences, so no platform is going to win as such.

However, some features can be compared, and some services can be analyzed that both the marketing platforms are providing. And we can also look for the shortcomings and areas of improvement.

But overall, both platforms are doing exceptionally good work. And that’s the main reason for their popularity as two of the most liked marketing softwares.

Also, it’s only fair to look for the features, pricing, and perks these platforms are providing to their users.

We are going to see the below-mentioned points in this Kajabi vs ClickFunnels article,

1. A brief introduction of Kajabi and ClickFunnels: when were they formed? What do they do? Who are they for? Etc.

2. A detailed comparison between the features of these two platforms.

3. A comparison of their prices and membership plans.

4. Final thoughts about which platform is better for your business; whether it’s Kajabi or ClickFunnels.

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Official Introduction to Kajabi and ClickFunnels

Let’s start with a brief introduction to these online marketing platforms to have a better understanding of them.

ClickFunnels Intro

ClickFunnels is a widely popular and extremely useful online marketing platform. It was co-founded by Todd Dickerson and Russell Brunson in October 2014.

Since its formation, the online marketing perspective has been revolutionized. ClickFunnels is not only focused on the entrepreneurs that have digital products to sell but it provides the same services for physical products.

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Clickfunnels is heavily focused on making it extremely easy for you to build sales funnels. They give you everything you need to be able to market, sell and deliver your products or services online with ease.

Also, if you are not sure about what a sales funnel is, to make it simple… the job of a sales funnel is to increase the potential revenue exponentially for every person who comes to your funnel. To make more money is the job of a sales funnel.

An excellent sales funnel can get you more leads and can make your business reach sky-high limits. And the great part about ClickFunnels is that you don’t have to worry about new strategies to promote or anything. The platform will ask you to make a few clicks and it will handle the rest.

Cool Extras of Clickfunnels

There are so many educational videos and scripts on the platform about creating a powerful funnel. The platform has various softwares and tools for copywriting as well which makes it easy for entrepreneurs who are new to this to improve in every level.

Anyone that has anything to promote, or sell online for any types of products or services, Clickfunnels can be your go to best friend. They do an extremely good job at that.

The competition in online marketing is crazy… It’s only going to increase in the future. So, businesses must maintain a position in the market that no one else can replace and for that, they need changing marketing strategies.

All business owners are not the same, not all of them are great copywriters, not all of them can create great funnels. So, ClickFunnels helps them with all these marketing processes and skills to help grow their business online.

Quick Clickfunnels Round Up

To conclude ClickFunnels is the business automation master that takes care of all sorts of business marketing from start to end. And it saves money and time for all sorts of business owners. This is due to not having to hire an expensive tech team, or know coding and etc.

They make everything pretty darn easy. You can make amazing, professional sales funnels in just a couple minutes with a couple clicks.

It’s important to note that Clickfunnels as of right now is not a 100% all in one marketing platform that gives you anything and everything for your business. However they give you around 85% plus some other great things like the trainings that you won’t get in other platforms.

It’s mostly all about leveraging sales funnels for your business.

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Kajabi Intro

Kajabi is an all-in-one marketing platform for businesses that are only selling digital products. These products can be online courses, membership sites, or even online books in pdf format.

Although Kajabi is an all in one marketing platform so they claim. Their main focus is for you if you have a knowledge based business. So more specifically if you have online courses, memberships or coaching programs.

It is not going to be for you if you are an affiliate marketer or you sell something not specifically related to a knowledge based business. This right here should be able to tell a majority of you guys whether or not Kajabi can help you for your specific needs.

Do you sell physical things like coffee? Kajabi will not be of use to you and Clickfunnels is a far better option. But if you are in the knowledge based business or want to start one, Kajabi is literally perfect for you.

Kajabi came into existence in 2010. The founders of Kajabi are Kenny Reuter and Travis Rosser. The headquarters of the company is in California.

And these are just a few examples of millions of digital products that entrepreneurs and businesses are selling online. The main function of Kajabi is to create content and courses for you that can sell itself.

It will create a proper content delivery system if you are someone who has only digital products to sell. So, it clears one point that Kajabi is not for the marketing of physical products which makes the audience of Kajabi a little lesser than ClickFunnels.

Kajabi is going to save you a lot of time so that you can focus on creating the best content for your audience and customers.

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The Features Comparisons: Kajabi vs ClickFunnels

Till now in this Kajabi vs ClickFunnels, we have developed some basic understanding of both marketing automation platforms.

And we hope that the article has increased your knowledge so far about Kajabi and ClickFunnels. Now is the time to cover the differences and features comparison.

Both of the platforms are amazing. There is no hit or miss scenario. This comparison is just to find the strong and weak points of both Kajabi and ClickFunnels.

Your business might require a platform like Kajabi if it is about selling digital content. And if you have a business where sales generation is the main focus you might go for ClickFunnels. This comparison is going to be completely unbiased and honest.

We will compare all the tools that these platforms are providing to their users and then we will further discuss the pricing for which they are providing those tools.

Quick Video on Clickfunnels

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Features That ClickFunnel Offers

ClickFunnels offers you to build any funnel you can require for your business. You have the ease of building high converting sales generating funnels be it emails, product selling, or webinars hosting with just a few clicks.

There are more than 100 sales funnel templates and themes to choose from. This is a great help for entrepreneurs who are new to funnels and marketing.

ClickFunnels has a great lead capturing and maintaining mechanism. The platforms send all of them customized emails and provide businesses with the analytics of their customers.

ClickFunnels also has the process of email list segmentation which is called Actionetics. The only problem is that ClickFunnels only provide email correspondence when you take platinum membership. The basic plan doesn’t include Emails.

That’s okay though because you can easily use another email autoresponder and link it to Clickfunnels if on the basic plan.

The important point about ClickFunnels is that it provides fully automated marketing funnel and gives complete support to sell both digital and physical products.

The affiliate program and customer support service of ClickFunnels are great too. And the basic plan of ClickFunnels starts from $97/month. The basic plan is affordable, yet it lacks some of important features in ClickFunnels.

Last but not least, the educational content available on ClickFunnels is unbeatable. There are separate videos and courses for all the funnels and copywriting secrets depending on the plan.

You can get a lot of these bonuses of Clickfunnels by starting your free 14 day trial here.

Quick Video on Kajabi

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Kajabi Can Offer The below-described Depending On The Plan

Kajabi combines CRM, sales funnels, email marketing, and website landing pages all in one space. This is why it is also called all one digital marketing platform.

The only limitation is that Kajabi is for digital products and more specifically knowledge based products/services which means it doesn’t support the selling of physical products which is going to lower their available market size.

The basic plan of Kajabi starts at $119/month which is a little pricier as compared to ClickFunnels. But it comes with a lot of different features.

The customer support of Kajabi is great because apart from emails and forms it includes a 24/7 nice chat facility. Customers can easily contact businesses which is great for their growth.

The affiliates maintaining features on Kajabi come with all the necessary tools and like tracking and performance analysis. If we compare this to ClickFunnels there is almost no difference.

The platform has amazing themes and design varieties and customization options for courses and course players. This is obvious because the specialty of Kajabi is selling courses.

A great feature of Kajabi is membership sites building. Moreover, Kajabi is also great for content creation.

Last but not least, the Email marketing service that Kajabi provides its customers is called Pipelines. The platform is overall helping businesses in more leads conversions which is all they need.

Price Comparisons Between Kajabi Vs ClickFunnels

Now that we are done with the features comparison, let’s talk about the pricing of the two marketing platforms in this Kajabi vs ClickFunnels discussion.

For far more in depth breakdown on Clickfunnels pricing and the plans they have check it out here.

We currently do not have an in depth breakdown on Kajabi pricing.

Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels offer a free 14-days trial offer to the people who are diligent to know the working of these marketing platforms.

This is very helpful for people who are indecisive and also clears all the queries they have in mind regarding the two platforms.

However, neither of the two platforms have free plans but they both offer annual billing which saves you roughly 20% with each platform if you know you will be using them for the long term. We definitely recommend switching or choosing annual billing.


ClickFunnels has two major monthly membership plans. A basic plan and a platinum plan. All of these plans come with different features.

The basic plan of ClickFunnels starts at $97/month. It includes easy drag and drops 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 payment gateways, 3 domains, and no email correspondence. However, it includes customer support, funnel flix, but no follow-up funnels.

We always recommend people when starting out to use the basic plan. For the majority of business owners the basic plan is all they will need to very efficiently grow their business online.

Then comes the platinum plan which starts at $297/month which is a little pricy for small enterprises. However, this deal includes emails, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, and unlimited follow-up funnels.

Also if you choose annual, basic is $80 a month and platinum is $247. In all, a couple hundred bucks maximum to run your online business? That is extremely good.

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Kajabi also comes with three different pricing plans. This platform is great for those who have just entered the world of online business.

The basic plan of Kajabi starts at $119 which is a bit expensive as compared to ClickFunnels, but it comes with unlimited emails and landing pages.

The basic plan also has chat support, webinars, 10,000 contacts, a website and so much more. The great thing about the basic plan of Kajabi is that we get to have email automation which Clickfunnels basic plan lacks.

The growth plan of Kajabi starts at $159/month and comes with 15 pipelines, advanced automation, 25,000 contacts, and so much more.

The pro plan of Kajabi starts at $319/month. The plan includes 2,000,000 marketing emails, 25 admin users, 3 websites, and so many advanced features.

Overall, most of the features of these pricing plans are almost the same but there is a difference in the bandwidth. If you have fewer products to sell or your business is small, you’re good with the basic plan.

And if your business is huge and you have quite a lot of products to sell then you can opt for growth or pro plans.

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Final Thoughts on Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

We have almost come to an end in this Kajabi vs ClickFunnels review. Till now we have discussed their backgrounds, features, and their pricing plans.

To say ClickFunnels is better than Kajabi, or Kajabi is better than ClickFunnels would be wrong. Both platforms are extremely useful and great for online marketing.

Although we do think it is safe to say, Clickfunnels will be of far more use to the majority of business owners. Clickfunnels is for all types of businesses and to help you market, sell and deliver any of your products or services.

Kajabi is a little more niched down with the knowledge business approach. However, they are an all-in-one marketing platform where Clickfunnels is getting there but probably 85% at best.

With that being said, there are a lot of things in the all in one platforms business owners will not need or use. Clickfunnels gives you everything that anyone can greatly benefit from. They give all the really good and needed stuff.

Why you need to choose ClickFunnels

You might only need ClickFunnels if,

• Your main focus is on increasing sales and having a platform that can do that for you.

• You want to leverage the use of sales funnels and increase the average revenue per each customer with ease.

• You want a platform with a bigger audience to ensure the success of your products both digital and physical.

Why you need to choose Kajabi

You might only need Kajabi if,

• You want a super easy platform to create bestselling courses online.

• You for sure know you want to start an online knowledge business or already have one .

• If you want an all-in-one digital products selling store at pretty affordable pricing.

You can choose any of these to build leads converting sales funnels. We recommend picking one or the other and we believe more people will greatly benefit from Clickfunnels. Although if you have an online knowledge business, Kajabi is the answer.

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Get your free 14 day trial for Kajabi here. Build your knowledge based business.

We hope you enjoyed this Kajabi vs Clickfunnels breakdown. Although they are both great, their target market of who they can help is slightly different. We think this article is a sufficient amount of information for you to decide between one or the other.