Is Clickfunnels Worth It

Here you will find our opinion on, is Clickfunnels worth it? We hope we can provide crystal clear insight on why it can be a true game changer for your online business. See our other Clickfunnels posts for more information.

Is Clickfunnels Worth It

We know a lot of you probably have come across a Clickfunnels advertisment. Maybe not an advertisement but certainly word of mouth online or come across it by yourself.

Now you are here trying to figure out if it can truly be of use to you and your goals.

Let the Funnel Enthusiasts help you and your decision on whether or not Clickfunnels is worth it. We live, and breathe sales funnels and online business.

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Sales Funnel Recap and Why Its Crucial To Business Success

Before we get into the more specifics of is Clickfunnels worth, we must discuss the concept of a sales funnel. Sales funnels, point blank, are something you need in your online business.

We are not going to beat around the bush here… they are crucial to providing exponential growth.

If you have never heard of a sales funnel or not sure why they are so amazing, have no worries.

Quick break down of a sales funnel is they are designed to take your visitors into a step by step sequence.

This step by step sequence you set up for whatever you objective or goal is for your funnel. The ability to take a visitor and then convert them into a lead and then a customer is paramount for business growth. A sales funnel goal is to increase revenue for the business owner.

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Sales funnels are great at increasing revenue. The use of sales funnels in digital marketing is a beautiful concept. Here is a website that explains it even more.

You are in the business to make money, so why not make more but just using funnels? Silly not to use funnels at this point.

Here is an example of an extremely simple but powerful funnel  1)email opt in -> 2)video sales letter -> 3)collect money -> 4)upsell -> 5)downsell -> 6)thank you page.

Just from that funnel alone think of the huge increase of the average order value of a customer. Not to mention, you now have gotten them into your email list, for more revenue down the line. Do you see the power a funnel can do for your business?

Let’s continue on now to, is Clickfunnels worth it… It was very important for us to do a little sales funnel lesson first. This is because knowing what we just explained, will then help you decide if Clickfunnels is worth it.

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Background Information On Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a software as a service company or also known as SaaS.

Their goal is to help entrepreneurs craft beautiful sales funnels easy, with a heavy emphasis on conversions. They make selling your products or services online easy. To truly grow you business online easier.

They are not only a sales funnel builder but a website builder as well.

A lot of people have heard of its capabilities and the endless opportunities that come with using Clickfunnels.

Then the question remains, is click funnel worth it? If starting out in the digital marketing space, there is a high probability that you will find Clickfunnels expensive, especially at first glance.

You would feel this way because you don’t quite yet know the details and the features of Clickfunnels to understand its true worth.

To help you with that question, we will discuss what clickfunnel is all about and its opportunities for your business.

Then when we are done, you will ask yourself the question again is clickfunnel worth it hopefully with an easy answer.

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Why Clickfunnels Is Worth Your Money

With the introduction of the digital world, many businesses moved online or started online and tried to generate customers from the internet instead of using physical means.

Many people found it challenging to convert their site visitors into potential customers. By customers, we mean people that end up buying a product or service from you.

It gets worse when you realize you invested some capital and time on the internet, and you don’t have much to show for it.

Then there was a revelation with the introduction of the sales funnel. By creating a well-designed sales funnel, digital marketers discovered that it exponentially increases their sales and provides more value for their customers.

But there was an issue because sales funnels as great as it sounds required a tremendous amount of work and high-paying skills.

You would need professional developers who don’t come cheap and a great deal of time creating the right sales funnel that could turn your visitors to customers.

So time, money, frustration and often the feeling of being lost or confused. Not to mention a lot of different features or integrations were like domain names, hosting, payment methods for collecting money, email autoresponders etc.

Then in 2014, something amazing happened. A man called Russel Brunson founded Clickfunnels, a form of an online sales funnel and website builder that offers everything a business owner could need.

Why Clickfunnels Is Special, Continued…

It also removes the need for professional developers and totally reduces the amount of time you would spend on creating your sales funnel.  The software became known as click funnel.

Russel Brunson has since turned Clickfunnels into a 9 figure business where more than 140,000 entrepreneurs use their software daily.

Clickfunnels became the ideal software that allows anybody, at any time in, any place to build a sales funnel that would sell their products or services on the internet.

It is designed in so much simplicity that you don’t need to have programming knowledge to use them. With little time to practice, you can create, design, and launch your internet business and sell your products, or services in turn converting your visitors into customers.

Everything you need to grow or start your business online is provided through Clickfunnels. At this point, ask yourself, again, is click funnel worth it? If your answer for some odd reason is still no… continue on below.

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Let’s do a little breakdown of some of the amazing things Clickfunnels offers.

1. Funnel template blueprints:

For those who have not made a sales funnel yet or completely new to it, it might be hard to imagine creating a sales funnel from scratch.

The method of using even simple sales funnels have made millions for digital marketers. So while you are starting out or learning, even with Clickfunnels at your side, it can be hard to know where to start.

When click funnel came into the business, they reduced the time needed to create a sales funnel, reduced capital, made things simple, easy, reduced frustration and confusion.

But it went beyond that and gives created proven templates built from the sale funnels of top digital marketers; these funnels had made marketers millions of dollars in revenue.

Clickfunnels made these templates free to use for all its users, removing the stress of finding the perfect funnel for your business. Not only finding the perfect template but your creating one yourself if you do not want to.

Whether you don’t want to build one with scratch even with the easiness of Clickfunnels that is okay. They got those beautiful done for you funnels you can simply edit or keep as is.

These templates can be categorized into three: Lead capture funnels, Sales page funnels.. and Event funnels, all designed perfectly to suit your needs.

So you don’t need to design from scratch. All you need to do is pick one of the templates and work with it, super easy, barely an inconvenience.

2. Drag and drop editor:

After picking a template, it is easy to add a feature to any template you choose, especially on your funnel pages.

You can try everything out by just dragging the feature and dropping it where it feels perfect. It is a very good option for designing your sales pages as it would be stress-free, and it would be easy for you to display your creativity.

Again, they make creating funnels and websites easy for you. No coding, simple drag and drop. You can have a professional looking funnel or website with only a few clicks of a button!

3. Superb Selection of page elements:

The widgets available at your disposal with Clickfunnels is amazing.

There is so many options and flexibility that you can find almost anything you need for your sales funnel inside of Clickfunnels.

From video widgets to text buttons, headlines, even advanced widgets, like FAQ blocks, custom HTML, countdown timers, pricing tables, SMS signup, Surveys, etc.

In addition to all this, Clickfunnels offers many other services, including free domain and hosting, email automation, and an affiliate program that would make you a lot of money.

If even after all of these awesome features or Clickfunnels, you ask yourself is Clickfunnels worth it… you must not have a product or service to sell online.

Short Video On Clickfunnels

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Quick Recap of Clickfunnels

It really is that simple. If you had a product or service to sell online through the use of powerful sales funnels and a website builder, Clickfunnels is a no brainer.

It’s perfect for if you want to grow your business online without breaking the bank. Everything you need in one place, easy to use and simplified down.

Please check our other posts where we go more in depth about other Clickfunnels questions like pricing break down, how to use it, and etc.

This concludes our is Clickfunnels worth it article. Hopefully you understand why it should be at the top of your list for softwares for growing your business online.

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