How Do Clickfunnels Work

Welcome to another post on the Clickfunnels platform. How does Clickfunnels truly help you grow your business online and other questions like how do Clickfunnels work?

Let us help you understand how do Clickfunnels work, if they are any good, is it worth it and more. In case you have anymore questions about Clickfunnels please see our other posts for further value. Let’s begin.

How Do Clickfunnels Work

So let’s begin by asking the question, how do Clickfunnels work to transform your online business into a more profitable one.

Quick Background on Clickfunnels

Let’s do a quick recap of what a Clickfunnel is before talking about how do Clickfunnels work? Clickfunnels is a website and funnel builder for people who want to sell products or services online. The main draw of Clickfunnels is the power, design and use of the sales funnel.

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Quick Breakdown on the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is an extremely powerful marketing and sales technique to increase revenue for your business. It does this by taking your visitors through a very specific series of steps until they finally make a purchase.

For example, the first step of the funnel can be an email opt in, second step be a video sales letter, third page you collect the money, the fourth step is a downsell, and a fifth page is a thank you page.

The previous in depth example of a sales funnel is only an example. Sales funnels have different objectives for the business owner and it is their decision on what the goal is, how long or short it should be and etc. You could have a sales funnel which is just 2 steps, or you could have a 10+ step funnel for your business… the choice is yours.

A sales funnel help automate all your sales and marketing process for the beginning to the end. The goal is to simply increase revenue for the business by increasing average order value and the lifetime value of your customer. To convert visitors into customers and ideally long term customers through the use of email marketing as an example.

It also gives you the power to control any stage of the buying process. With Clickfunnels, you can easily analyze your customers and know what works and what doesn’t. You can do this by split testing your funnels success and viewing the analytics.

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As you know, not every visitor who is exposed to your business and your products or services will buy the first time they are exposed to you. Especially if the first time they see your business, and all you do is start pitching them on buying your stuff. You need something like a sales funnel to take them from being brand new to then slowly converting them as they traverse the funnel.

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There has to be a form of persuasion on your side, and they must know, like and trust you or at least a little. You have to make the potential customer see a lot of value in your product, and the best way to do this is by using what is known as sales funnel.

Hopefully you are enjoying are how do Clickfunnels work article. It’s important to understand the power of a funnel and what it can do for your business, to then see the importance of Clickfunnels

How Do Clickfunnels Work to Do That?

Clickfunnels allows you to build sales funnels, websites, landing pages, webinars, membership sites, and a host of other things that your online business will need.

Entrepreneurs use Clickfunnels to promote and sell their service or product online. Clickfunnels goal and objective is to make your online business easier to run, and handle. To have a true platform like Clickfunnels that can help your sell your products and services online with ease and to truly grow your business online the right way.

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Why Clickfunnels is helpful

Clickfunnel offers you an almost all in one marketing and sales solution for your online business. Before, you have to use of different costly software for a bunch of different parts of your online business to run.

Clickfunnels is here to simplify and help your business so you don’t need numerous different softwares for numerous different prices. To simply have one platform to do most if not all of your online business needs, so you can scale your business.

Another downside is you would need skilled labor to use this software as they are not easy to master. With Clickfunnels, you can easily create a sales and marketing funnel from scratch to finish. Even if you are not so tech-savvy, you can easily understand Clickfunnels.

They have definitely developed their platform with all technology skill levels taken into account. They make things easy for you to learn and then implement and build your websites and funnels for your business. They have an easy drag and drop design with numerous templates you can use or model off of.

Clickfunnels was founded in 2014 to address the issues facing the use of sales funnel for entrepreneurs. Since then, Clickfunnels has been widely used worldwide as a better and easier alternative to sales funnel and website solution. As of writing this post, there are 148,000 active users for Clickfunnels. Not only that, but Clickfunnels has processed more than $9 billion dollars.

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For a company that started less than a decade ago, it is easy to see they are a special company dedicated to helping your grow your business online easier.

Video on Clickfunnels

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So How Do Clickfunnels Work Now?

You might be wondering, after all this, how do Clickfunnels work finally? Well, Clickfunnels would help create a fully functional and effective sale funnel for your online business. A sales funnel is as we explained earlier, a buying journey that most of your potential customers go through before making a purchase.

Sales funnels would increase the number of customers that would buy your product, which would mean more income for you. But traditional sales funnels take a lot of cash, time, and you would need coders, programmers, and designers.

Coupled with the fact, that it is not so effective even when deployed properly as your potential customers would have to take several processes before getting to the purchase page. This causes confusion and would make you lose many potential customers before they get to the purchase page.

Clickfunnels changed this narrative. With Clickfunnels, creating sales funnels became easier and more efficient with conversions in mind.

With traditional sales funnels, you would have to source many of the functionalities you need from different expensive software. It is not the same with Clickfunnels, as all the software you need is all in the Clickfunnels software.

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So how do Clickfunnels work another example

So, here is an example of how Clickfunnels work and how it could piece everything together. We try to break everything down super simple so you can see how it all plays a part. Clickfunnels as a very simple drag and drop funnel builder. Literally within a few clicks you can have a professional looking sales funnel up and running.

As we mentioned before we recommend getting some sales funnel building help from experts if you need it. They really break everything down in extreme detail and almost hold you hand as your create your very first or next sales funnel. You can get that training here.

If you have a product or service, you want to sell on the internet. The first stage you should do is to create a landing page. This is the first stage of interaction with your customers.

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On your landing page, there could be an option form for you to capture your potential customer’s email address.
After getting a good landing page, the next thing is to get a good sales page. This is the page where your potential customers will see your product.

This page has to be well designed and tailored to your prospective customers’ needs. It would get them to buy your product.

Importance on Copywriting (words on a page that make people want to buy)

Clickfunnels have many proven templates you can use to create your sale page, but depending on your kind of customers, you would need to do some tweaks. You could get a good copywriter’s help to create compelling copy’s for your product or service.

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Good copy would greatly increase your conversion rate. Usually if you have good traffic, a good product or service, a good funnel… and your conversions still are not as good as you want… Copywriting is the number 1 reason why visitors are not converting at a high clip. Copywriting is more of that secret sauce.

Once your buyer buys the product, the platform will automatically deliver the product to them. All these are automated and can be done on Click funnels.

How do Clickfunnels work – more advantages of using Clickfunnels

1. With Clickfunnels, your website content will be more customer-focused:

With Clickfunnels, every content will be targeting your customers. Your content will create a story that would make your potential customers buy your product.

2. There will be lesser business risks with Clickfunnels:

The initial capital in making use of Clickfunnels is low. The features Clickfunnels offer allows you to be able to evaluate your business better and create a better business plan with lesser risks. There is less risk because their software is relatively cheap for all they offer and to run your business on.

3. Clickfunnels makes marketing easier and more efficient:

Sales funnels make your product or service marketing easier. Clickfunnels can help you automate all the processes in converting your visitors to customers.

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With data analytics, you would know the number of visitors that pass from stage to stage on your funnels or websites, which will allow you to be more flexible and to be able to forecast your result. Making your business less risky in the process. This is to improve conversions and revenue.

4. Higher conversion rate:

Clickfunnels allows you to have better conversion rates, as the tools are built to help increase traffic and increase visitor interaction on your website.

With Clickfunnels, you will get more conversion, which results in more revenue and more business growth.

How Do Clickfunnels Work Ending

I hope this article answers the question of how do clickfunnel work. Clickfunnels is an extremely powerful platform for you to leverage to sell are your products or services online. They help you create those extremely beautiful, optimized, high converting websites and sales funnels.

If you want to grow your business online, trust in Clickfunnels to help you. Start free 2 week trial with several bonuses here for trying it.

Check out our other Clickfunnels posts for more answers to your questions. Wondering about in depth pricing on Clickfunnels? Click here to learn more.