Groovefunnels Pricing

Welcome to another article on Groovefunnels. Today we will be breaking down the Groovefunnels pricing in more detail and depth as well as Groovefunnels as a whole.

It is important to note that the entire GrooveDigital company and everything they offer with Groovefunnels and all the additional apps are still in the beginning stages.

This information might change very drastically within the next couple of months of writing this article. We will do our best to keep this article updated at all times with additional changes to the Groovefunnels pricing.

Currently as of right now. You can get 100% free access to GrooveSell and Groovepages for life. Click here to start your account for free.

Let’s get into the article.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

This articles is provided to highlight the GrooveFunnels Pricing and let the people know about it.

Quick Video on GrooveFunnels and Pricing

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Groovefunnels pricing as of right now is free for GrooveSell and GroovePages. However they keep warning us that they will be switching it to monthly recurring billing like Clickfunnels or Kartra (their main competitors).

That is why they are saying get free lifetime access while you still can, and then to actually upgrade to lifetime platinum where you get access to all 17 GrooveApps products.

Remember, your free account only gives access to 2 apps to basically let you test drive the software slightly. If you want way more (which you will more than likely want) you will want to purchase the lifetime platinum deal which is currently $1397.

You can either purchase the lifetime plan all upfront or go on several different payment plans where you pay monthly. It is cheaper to pay all at once though, as they incentivize you to pay the upfront for $1397 versus choosing 6 month payment plan and then the total cost coming to $2,328.

You can get lifetime access here and learn more about what it entails.

The Funnel Enthusiasts are not super big fans of a company just starting out not being extremely transparent with their plans for upcoming costs like this. They basically threaten you to sign up now for lifetime before they switch to recurring billing.

Although, we can see why people may like this because a simple high ticket purchase and you never have to pay anything again. We just wish it was more clear cut.

More Information on GrooveFunnels and Groovefunnels Pricing

GrooveFunnels are easy all-in-one application that enables users to develop online sales funnels, landing pages, and websites to sell anything. They are claiming to be the one and only one stop shop to sell any products or services online.

Groovefunnels is extremely new and still in the beta phase as of writing this article. This is partly because a Groove Funnel member provides users with access to a wide variety of different characteristics such as Groove Pages, Groove Mail, and Groove Sell.

However, the services to which you have access rely on your membership plan (Base, Silver, or Gold). GrooveFunnels aims to provide small businesses, writers, course designers, content marketers, and practically everyone who has an item to offer the best online marketing techniques.

GrooveFunnels is a full set of advertising tools that can help you create sales funnels and websites (i.e., landing pages) and selling online goods.

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What about Groove Apps?

Groove Apps was the official title, but after GrooveFunnels was officially introduced, it is now being changed. At first, acquiring the domain name was difficult for the founder Mike Filsaime and his group, so they selected Groove Apps as their brand.

But in the past, everything that was. It’s all GrooveFunnels now. However, the masses are interested to know about GrooveFunnels Pricing before opting for it.

The GrooveFunnels Pricing for one time includes the access to 17 different popular apps, which include GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GroovePages Lite, GroovePages Pro, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, and GrooveVideo.

Moreover, GrooveFunnels platinum plan also take in GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSecurity, GrooveQuiz, GrooveWebinars Live, GrooveWebinars Automated, GrooveKart, GroovePages for Shopify, and GrooveWebinars Ecommerce.

You can get all these splendid apps and services in one time GrooveFunnels Pricing of $1397.

Advertising software from GrooveFunnels:

GrooveFunnels provides a wide range of resources for online marketing, as they described earlier. The resources to which you have access will rely on the membership you have chosen. Initially, here is a brief description of each marketing technique provided by GrooveFunnels.

• Groove Pages – you can create landing pages, sales, and blog funnels using this method.

• Groove Sell – this tool provides you access to payment gateways from GrooveFunnels. Physical items, digital products, description services, or sponsorships can be sold.

• Groove Affiliate – this the affiliate program of Groove Funnel, which is accessible to all members. You can receive 20 percent recurring bounces on individuals you are signed up for.

• Groove Mail – This is the online marketing system and CRM of Groove Funnel. It enables the capacity to tag subscribers or automate plot lines, broadcast messages and audio, and other characteristics of the Email service provider you would anticipate.

• Groove Video – This platform enables GrooveFunnels users to upload and host media content directly on their landing pages.

• Email leads – This method helps you to gather email leads, arrange and contact them. This is a functionality that is not included in a free plan from GrooveFunnels.

• Email Cart Abundance – About 50 percent of individuals leave their online shopping cart before completing their purchase. But it can serve to recapture lost sales by sending the email to cart abandoners. This function of GrooveFunnels enables you to do that.

They have created a full network so that you do not have to be annoyed with duct taping together various resources and spending millions of dollars to run your online business. All the above mentioned services are provided in one time GrooveFunnels Pricing.

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Free now

• Free – Limitless materials

• Free – create full navigation Brand Web sites

• Free – Personalized Domains

• Free – Hosting and Band Width

• Free – Offer one – Click – Up Selling Goods

• Free – Upsells, down sells and bumps of order

• Free – The most successful Affiliate Program in the world

• Effective Tagging – Based, automatic, behavioral Email marketing (Optional with Groove Mail TM)

• The platform of the membership site (Optional Groove with Groove Member TM)

• Effective Video marketing build right in (With Groove Video)

The Best Network:

They still guarantee that it is the perfect platform you will ever use, even though it is currently free for limited use of their apps. But this GrooveFunnels Pricing is for very short time.


• Free Accounts for life

• Strong funnel builder by Groove Pages TM

• Groove Sell TM and Groove Affiliate TM complete access

• Strongest Affiliate Tech.

• The Time and so a lot more

Groove Sell TM is a complete and comprehensive cart and affiliate software for shopping.

• Data and Analytics

• Delivery of content made easy

• Market place product and affiliate

• A complete system of affiliates

• One platform: Works for both sellers and marketers of affiliates.

Groove Funnel Pricing:

There is a free plan for GrooveFunnels that allows you access to some of the most core functions. But you will have to buy the lifetime platinum upgrade for the features listed above. The masses are encouraged to know about GrooveFunnels Pricing before opting for it.

Like we have previously talked about. Their pricing breakdown of what you get and what you don’t get is a little confusing.

A lot of flying parts and pieces going around and they give you 2 apps for free with restrictions and then for the other 15 apps you must pay that high ticket price of a minimum of $1,397.

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Currently, buying a lifetime subscription for $1,397 seems to be the only way to get unlimited access to GrooveFunnels. But that is an offer for a very short time.

They say you will have to pay hundreds a month soon for access to all the things you can use if you just bought the lifetime. It is recommended to get benefit of GrooveFunnels Pricing currently being offered currently quicker sooner than later.

Get your lifetime use of Groovefunnels and all the 17 apps here before they switch to monthly recurring model.

For complete breakdown of free and lifetime plans, click here.

They also have a pretty solid affiliate program if you wish on promoting Groovefunnels. Everyone becomes an automatic and approved affiliate just for signing up with their free plan.

Drawbacks of GrooveFunnels:

People have reported some negative things about groove funnel. Mostly, people say that they force or threaten them to switch to their monthly subscription, but they do not fully explain it.

Some claim that if they want us to switch to their monthly subscription, they should have to fully explain the features with and without the monthly subscription.

Also, there is another huge problem with the groove funnel’s software and that the software they have, is still in beta. Due to beta software, we know that there are many problems and bugs in the software that need to be fixed.

People suggest that either they should bring the software out of the beta version or just fix all the bugs or errors present in this software.

By doing this, one can feel secure and positive about the Groove Funnels and think that this website is considering their complaints and working on it. So, they can give more good reviews, resulting in a promotion of the Groove Funnels.

The GrooveFunnels is just the right kind of tool that everyone wishes to maintain adequate business and create and promote their campaigns in the right way.

It offers genuinely propelled features that everyone is hoping for at a much lower cost than other tools. Who doesn’t have the right to love their savings!

However, this is not the only reason where GrooveFunnels has importance. The individuals from the GrooveFunnels are allowed to earn additional amounts through the Partner Program introduced by the GrooveFunnels.

They have made it extremely simple because once an individual joins the GrooveFunnels as a free user, that individual automatically gets entry into the program.

Quick Recap

Despite of all these drawbacks, the GrooveFunnels Pricing is still very enticing and is highly recommended to opt for GrooveFunnels before the GrooveFunnels Pricing changes and you have to pay more for enjoying all the provided services.

Although the Funnel Enthusiasts don’t completely dislike Groovefunnels and all the things they offer. It is definitely not our favorite. We highly recommend using Clickfunnels or Kartra due to many reasons.

Considering 2 apps of Groovefunnels (GrooveSell, and GroovePages) is completely free forever though, you have nothing to lose. They don’t even make you type in your credit card.

Start your free Groovefunnels account here.