Dotcom Secrets Review

Hello everyone and welcome to another Clickfunnels related article. Today we will be talking about in depth our Dotcom Secrets review which is a book who was written by Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson is the cofounder of Clickfunnels which is a website and sales funnel builder. They give you everything you could need to market, sell and deliver your products or services online.

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Dotcom Secrets Review Breakdown

Dotcom Secrets is a book by Clickfunnels founder Russell Brunson. It is a book designed to give you an edge over other business owners in your niche.

The book has impacted hundreds of thousands of online marketers who have used the book’s strategies to boost their business to the next stage, along with the Clickfunnels software.

Today’s article will be showing a dotcom secrets review.

What Is Dotcom Secrets?

Before going into the Dotcom Secrets review, we have to understand what Dotcom Secrets is all about. The dotcom secret is a book that shows a step by step process for business owners to start or grow successful businesses online through the use of sales funnels.

Dotcom secrets was first published in 2015. Most of the strategies are still very effective today, they still produce massive results for those business owners implementing them.

Dotcom secrets contain a lot of actionable advice and strategies that would help you successfully sell anything online. The book is 254 pages long and has a very engaging and entertaining writing style that makes it so easy to assimilate the information Russell Brunson is trying to pass across.

Russell Brunson put many marketing secrets and stories of how he built his business from scratch and how he did it with the different secrets he taught in the book, which made his business as successful as it is to today.

The Dotcom Secrets has a 4.5 star from over 500 reviews on amazon.

For anybody still struggling to make sales with his or her business, then you need a copy of this Russell Brunson’s book Dotcom Secrets.

One thing everyone should understand is when you are struggling in any field. The best way to overcome that struggle is by learning from someone who has succeeded in that field.

Russell Brunson is someone that has excelled in creating successful businesses. He is the co-founder of Clickfunnels, a business that has an evaluation of over $100 million and is less than 7 years old.

A lot of what is talked about in the book is how to leverage a sales funnel for the betterment of your business. Also this would then typically mean you are using Clickfunnels as your sales funnel builder. Here is a quick video on Clickfunnels.

Quick Overview of Clickfunnels

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Success Before Clickfunnels

Russell Brunson is a highly successful online marketer and made a lot of money from his business before Clickfunnels;

He used to sell potato gun DVDs, shakes, shirts, and supplements online before Clickfunnels. He made a lot of money from selling them even though it was a time when people don’t really purchase stuff from the internet.

Russell Brunson created the whole ecosystem around the Clickfunnels software, which contains many business tools, products, live events, books, and information.

Russell Brunson has been able to impact a lot of people. Many online entrepreneurs have found great success using the Clickfunnels software, which gives you tools and strategies to market, sell and deliver your products or services on the internet.

Today, more than 1,000+ self-made millionaires in the click funnels network are part of the Clickfunnels exclusive two comma clubs.

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Why Clickfunnels Is So Powerful For Your Business

Clickfunnels has everything a business owner will need to kick start and scale their online business. With Clickfunnels, you can build websites, landing pages, sales funnels, any funnels of your choice, and many more.

Here are some of the features of the Clickfunnels platform depending on your plan:

· Clickfunnels allows you to create unlimited funnels

· Clickfunnels allows you to create unlimited pages.

· You can have unlimited number of unique visitors on your site at a time

· You have access to unlimited contact leads.

· You would have custom domains for your online business.

· With clickfunnels, you can have multiple users on the same plan.

· You have payment gateways.

· Unlimited follow-up funnels

· Funnel hacker forum

· Weekly peer review hackathon

· Funnelflix with hours of additional training courses and videos

· A/B split testing

· Email integration

· Click pops

· Opt-in funnels

· Auto webinar funnels

· Order pages

· Upsell pages

· Hangout funnels

· Down sell pages

· Share your funnels

· Access to tony Robbins private collection

· Priority support with VIP phone support

· Priority template requests etc.

· Membership funnels

· Sales funnels

· Click option

· Unlimited number of members

Clickfunnels makes creating sales funnels extremely easy so you can truly grow your business online.

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More In-Depth Dotcom Secrets Review Continuation

The book has four different sections; let’s read them section by section.

Section 1: Ladders and funnels

This is the first major section of the book. This is the part of the book where concepts like a value ladder are introduced.

What is the Value ladder?

A value ladder is a visual mapping of all the products and services you will offer to your dream clients. It is placed in an order which is dependent on the price.

This value ladder shows you should save your most expensive product or service for last. Ideally, it is not wise to sell your highest product right away to your customers.

At least, it would help if you allowed them to buy a less expensive product or service from you at first, especially when they don’t know you well yet.

From the value ladder. You should learn that you should always give your low-priced products or services because customers are more willing to buy lower-priced products from you.

But once they buy the product or services and they get the value they want from it. Many buyers would go for the higher product as they have started building trust in your product or service.

The buyers will then gradually progress till they get to the high-priced product or services. When they trust your service does what it says it does, knowing fully well that more expensive service or product will have more value.

This section also introduced the concept of sales funnels, which is a digital marketing concept used to automate your marketing and sales process.

The sales funnel is a multi-step process that would turn your website visitors to customers and retain the customers while migrating them through the value ladder by offering lower-priced products or services first before progressing them to the higher-priced service or product.

This serves as an introduction to sales funnels, as another section will talk about the strategies and psychology in building your own sales funnels.

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Section 2: Communication funnel

The second section talks all about communication funnels, which is simply the medium with which you communicate with your audience.

The book starts by talking about how you should and how you can create an attractive character.

The book tried to explain how you should create an attractive online persona that would attract people to you by having an attractive character.

This would help you build an active and loyal following. These follower will always buy your product any time they are available.

There are four things you need to build an attractive character:

1. The first is you need a backstory.

2. The second is you need the ability to speak in parables.

3. The third is to be able to share your character flaws.

4. The fourth is to build a polarizing figure.

The book goes into details on how you should build these characters and talk about how you can build them; the book also gives different examples to help the reader understand better.

The section discusses email marketing strategies and how you use email marketing to keep your prospect engaged.

The first email marketing strategies the book discussed is the soap opera sequence, which is a way you can create a connection between your attractive character and your new leads. In this stage, you keep your emails very entertaining and open-ended.

By doing this, there will be more open rates on your emails; Russell Brunson went on to explain the email sequence he uses and explains the analysis behind using it and how you can adapt them in your own way.

They continued with the next strategy, the daily Seinfeld sequence, which are emails used to maintain your prospective customers’ relationships. These emails are designed to be more of entertainment than content. They are used to interact with your customers regularly.

In the end, you would see your open rates, click rates, and conversion rate dramatically increase.

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Section 3: Funnelology

In this section, the book talks more on how to build successful funnels. Russell Brunson stressed the fact that when building your funnels, never start from scratch as most time, your target market already has successful sales funnels, so you should leverage on their success when creating your own.

Russell Brunson taught how to reverse engineer your competitor funnel and make it yours, using five simple elements.

Russell Brunson went on to explain the seven types of the funnel and finally ended the section with the twenty-three building blocks of a funnel, where he compared the creation of a funnel to playing with a set of Legos.

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Section 4: Funnels and scripts

In this section, the book went deeper into the detail of creating some of the best sales funnels. The book teaches the psychology of most successful funnels and how they work. The book also talks about how to create the perfect one-time offer.

Section 5: Clickfunnels

This is the last section in the dotcom secret book, and it talks about Clickfunnels and everything you need to know. You should know that in implementing the many principles in this book, you should use Clickfunnels as it has all the tools you need.

It’s kind of assumed you are either going to start using Clickfunnels or already a Clickfunnels user for readers of this book.

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Closing Thoughts on Dotcom Secrets Review

This is the end of the dotcom secrets review. The dotcom secret book is a very interesting read and would transform your life and your business if you apply the principles talked about in the book. Get your copy today and let it impact your life. We definitely recommend it, especially since you just have to pay for shipping and handling.

It is a small investment into a much bigger and grander vision. Although we do not recommend getting the book if you are not already a Clickfunnels user or thinking about using Clickfunnels. After all, the book is all about sales funnels.

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