Copywriting Secrets Book

Welcome to our article about the Copywriting secrets book. In this article, we will cover what copywriting is, how it can impact businesses, and what role it plays in digital marketing.

We are also going to discuss a copywriting software, pricing, and some main points of the copywriting secrets book. Also growing your business through the use of sales funnels.

So, without wasting a second let’s start this article.

Copywriting Secrets Book

Copywriting secrets book is a product of ClickFunnels written by Jim Edwards who is a copywriting genius. He also created Funnel scripts with the co-founder of ClickFunnels that is Russell Brunson.

The book is actually free, you just need to pay shipping and handling. It is the ultimate go to book about drastically improving your copywriting skills and ultimately increasing sales with it.

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This copywriting secrets book truly tells us the power of a good copy and how it can change the fate of any business in the world. Before discussing further copywriting secrets book, let’s first discuss what copywriting is.

If you want to become an expert copywriting genius and know the ins and outs of what makes copy very effective for all sorts of scenarios this book can help.

The book is designed to help you get more clicks, more sales, and ultimately more profit no matter what you have to sell or who you sell to. Jim Edwards has gotten decades of copywriting learning and experience under his belt and we can’t think of a better person to learn copywriting from.

Importance of Copywriting

Copywriting has the power to attract customers to your business is and it can create a lot of revenue for you.

A good copy is trendy and that is why it attracts the attention of your customers. And then they are more likely to buy something from you.

After all, copywriting are the words on a page that make the sale. The written text that can influence people to ultimately make a conversion in whatever your objective was, usually that is selling something. Getting more sales, plain and simple by leveraging copywriting.

When you’re writing a copy, you have to know what the mindset of your audience is and only then you can produce a copy that can generate potentially millions of dollars.

And the fact is that all of us don’t know the secrets behind writing a good copy or we don’t know what sort of a copy attracts who.

For instance, most of us don’t even know what the mindset of our customers is. And in that case, we will never be able to generate a copy that can help grow our business or that can capture leads.

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Copywriting Is Super Valuable To All Businesses

So, in short, to make our business grow we need copy that can speak to our audience and that can resonate with their minds.

Copywriting however is not the only thing that matters. Several other factors accompany it. So, for a second let’s talk about that other important stuff i.e. digital marketing and sales funnels.

Why is copywriting a huge thing in digital marketing and creating sales funnel?

Digital marketing and sales funnel are the backbones of a growing business or even the business that has been established for a long time.

Both digital marketing and sales funnel depend on each other if you are not successful in creating a sales funnel that is impressive or engaging then you will have a harder time at digital marketing.

A sales funnel after all is nothing more than a step by step process to take your visitors through and to exponentially increase the conversion rate into paying customers. Basically increasing the average revenue per customer and higher conversion rates.

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To create a powerful sales funnel, you need to hire some experts and those experts may cost you a fortune. So, what businesses do is, they affiliate themselves with online marketing automation softwares that are good and affordable.

One of those online marketing automation software is Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is extremely popular on the Internet because of its great software which is giving you all the tools you need to market, sell and deliver your products online.

Quick Video on Clickfunnels

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The main focus of Clickfunnels is on generating sales and capturing leads. So, it provides the features and tools that can do both of these things.

Clickfunnels is simply a website and sales funnel builder to help entrepreneurs sell their products on the internet easier, cheaper and with less stress. They make the technology side of things super easy and no coding required.

Apart from that with the growing competition, we all need to have some software that has the ability to supercharge your business and keep the competitors away.

Till now we have seen the importance of copywriting, digital marketing, and a good sales funnel. Now it’s time for us to look at the copywriting software that makes writing copy so simple.

As we previously mentioned, ClickFunnels is right now the best online marketing automation platform so it’s time for us to check out the copywriting softwares it is providing other than copywriting secrets book.

Funnel Scripts (Copywriting Software)

Other than copywriting secrets book there is other help that the platform provides. Funnel Scripts is one of them. It costs you $797 and it is a one-time purchase.

Although $797 is a high ticket item, the potential ROI you could get from using it for your business is priceless. After all, we can’t stress the importance of good copywriting and the effect it can have on your business.

And it comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. Funnel scripts creates an extremely engaging sales copy for your emails, sales video letters, ads, and almost anything you need copy for.

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But you will see that it can help your business grow very fast. And if you’re not ready to invest that much into copywriting then you can just buy the shipping and handling for the copywriting secrets book.

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ClickFunnels is a big name when it comes to marketing softwares that is why hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs are associated with it.

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Main Ideas of Copywriting Secrets Book

Now is the time for us to discuss the main ideas in the book and why it is important and how is it giving us the secrets to creating a great sales copy. We will also discuss the pricing of the book after that.

Copywriting secrets book is not written by just any business owner who got lucky in creating a good copy. Instead, it is written by a copywriting expert Jim, so it is from someone with decades of experience. He knows a thing or two about copywriting.

The main ideas in the copywriting secrets book

The copyrighting secret books contain 31 secrets of creating a fantastic copy that will grab the attention of your customers and can generate you more leads.

Now let’s line up the secrets or the main offers it has in store for you that can help you grow.

• The book has copywriting secrets, ideologies, and tips that will grab the attention of the perfect customers for your business, the customers that are going to stick with you for a long time.

• It will add an emotional element to your copy that will resonate with the sentiments of the people visiting your website and then they will be moved to buy from you

• Overall it can make more people subscribe to you wherever your online presence is, be it social media or any website.

• The more people on your platforms means more sales and more lead capturing.

• You can use the copywriting secret book’s ideas and secrets in generating multiple copies for your multiple products and you can then overall enhance your sales.

The offers do not end here this is only the start. Once you start incorporating and implementing the instructions in the copywriting secrets book that Jim Edward has provided, you can see a massive difference in the sales of your business.

We can say that no matter what you are selling and whom you’re selling to you can greatly increase your sales with what he teaches in the book.

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Now that we have learned and discussed almost everything about the copyrighting secrets book, it’s time for us to check out the pricing.

Pricing Of The Copywriting Secrets Book

The book is for free. Yes, you have read it right. You will only have to pay the shipping fee for this book otherwise it is free.

If you are in the US you will have to pay 7.95 dollars and if you are in other parts of the world you will have to pay double 14.95 dollars for the shipment.

The kindle copy of the book is available on Amazon so you can buy it from there. But if you need the audio version of the book then you will have to pay for it.

The audio version of the copywriting secret books is available for $27.00 and you can buy it on the upsell page. There is a download option there and it will stay with you forever.

When paying for shipping and handling you also do have the option to get something called sales story secrets, which is basically additional copywriting training and advice.

You can only buy sales story secret product along with copyrighting secrets books you cannot buy them separately.

And it is best if you buy funnel scripts with your copywriting secrets book because it will be very easy for you to apply all the knowledge that you have learned from the book with the software.

If you get the book and funnel scripts you will become a copywriting super freak. You will always know how to increase your sales and profit margins exponentially with all your copywriting information.

Concluding Words

In the end, we would like to conclude our copywriting secret book article with a note that businesses must generate a good sales copy.

We fully believe this book is one of the absolute best ways to learn about copywriting and also one of the cheapest. Only a couple of bucks for shipping and handling. They make it hard not to want to buy this book.

Once you have well-written ads, sales copies, emails, and video sales letters then you will be able to increase your sales, and once you increase your sales your business is going to grow.

So, to capture more leads and to increase your sales this book is the best especially if you don’t want to hire people for copywriting. You can learn all the copywriting secrets yourself through this small comprehensive book.

Check out our other posts on Clickfunnels so you can learn more about using a sales funnel to grow your online business.

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Get copywriting secrets book here for free, just cover shipping and handling.