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Clickfunnels Free Trial – A Recap on The Background of Clickfunnels

You might not really know much about Clickfunnels yet so here we will give a background on the platform. Clickfunnels is a sales funnel and website builder designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs sell their products or services online with ease.

Clickfunnels also gives you the power to tell your story in the process and to control every stage of the buying process.

Before going deeply into the Clickfunnels, it is ideal we talk a little about what a sales funnel is. This will better help you understand why Clickfunnels is so powerful for your online business.

A sales funnel, is a series of specific steps a visitor will go through. It is designed to help warm the visitor up to then make a purchase or specific conversion event. It’s main goal is to simply help you make more money and increase the average order value per visitor.

It is an extremely powerful concept to increase sales and revenue for a business.

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Clickfunnels free trial – an example of a sales funnel in use

Here is a real life example of an implementation of a sales funnel. Once you understand more in depth of how a sales funnel is extremely beneficial, then you will see Clickfunnels use for business owners.

A sales funnel can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Simply put, depending on your objective of that sales funnel, there can be a lot of steps to it or simply a couple.

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But, before your customer gets to your sales funnels, there has to be a “magnet.” The “magnet” is an outlet that brings in your customers to your website/funnel.

It could be through blogging or social media, google ads, etc. The first thing they should encounter in your sales funnel is awareness.

Most times, these visitors or potential customers get into your funnel through an enticing offer. This offer allows you to know their interest. So, you try to make them aware of you.

Why should we do this, you might ask? Well, the thing is people won’t buy from you just because you have something to sell, especially when you are not a well-known brand. Most people do not buy during their first exposure.

The only reason anybody will buy from you is when they feel immense value in your product or they have gotten to know you, like you, and trust you.

Your sales funnel is used to develop that value through various steps, which awareness is one of the steps.

It is used to create strong bond between your potential customer and your business. To do this, you have to first make them know you. Then, by displaying honesty, relatability, and transparency in your content, you build trust.

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The Steps Of a Good Funnel

But, the first step should be letting them know who you are and what you stand for.

The second step for a sales funnel is to generate your potential customer’s interest in your services. The most common way to this is through email sequencing. In this stage, you are trying to show the customer who you are and where you have come from (a little story about you).

In this stage, you need to develop your story and deliver it in a way that would pick your potential customers’ interest.

The third step is to make your potential customers make a decision. This is one of the most difficult parts of a sales funnel. One of the best ways to do this is through copywriting, making use of storytelling.

The fourth and last part is for your potential customers to finally become customers by purchasing whatever it is you are offering. This is where you make money. In this stage, the number of people that reaches the stage is always smaller than the number of people that entered the sales funnel. Earning it the name “funnel”.

Hopefully that breakdown helped you understand a little better about the power of a funnel and an example of it in action.

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Conversion rates, profit goals, and email marketing in the backend.

Let’s say 2000 people came into your sales funnel, but after going, though the sales funnel pages, only 200 bought something at the end. This means that you were only able to convert 10% of your potential customer to actual customers.

This percentage is called the conversion rate, and it is used to determine how effective the sales funnel works.

The goal is to obviously make a profit at the end of the funnel steps or to make it in the backend through email marketing. This is because one of your first funnel steps was to collect an email address through the use of a lead magnet for the visitor to opt into your list.

The use of email marketing is where so many businesses make the most amount of their money. Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool and one that is not going anywhere for a long time.

Two main problems of online businesses

This is the problem of most online businesses… they make losses instead of profit, it is due to many of these factors. Still, the two most prevailing ones are the amount of money spent to get people into your funnel.

The second is the strategy used in deploying your sales funnel, which directly affects your conversion rates and the money you make.

Building a sales funnel would cost a lot of time and money, with no certainty that your marketing strategy would work. But this all changed when Brunson Russell decided to develop a software called clickfunnels.

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Clickfunnels makes building highly profitable sales funnels and websites easier.

The truth is that for you to explore the endless possibilities in sales funnels, it takes a massive amount of work. There is a lot of coding and digital integration involved in building a successful sales funnel. It used to be very difficult but then Clickfunnels changed the game.

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One such person is Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur and digital marketer who founded clickfunnels in the year 2014, right when there was a lot of traction on the use of sales funnels and digital marketing.

He founded the company with Todd Dickerson, his business partner. Clickfunnels has since gone on to raise more than one a billion dollars in revenue and over 100,000 active users.

Clickfunnels Free trial – Why Clickfunnels Is Great for Your Business

Before Clickfunnels, the use of sales funnel was only for the wealthy entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs with a low budget could not try it because of the amount of capital, time, and skill required to have a sales funnel.

This created a big problem for low capital entrepreneurs as they could not afford to use sales funnels, which was important for their online business growth.

Not only a lot couldn’t afford it or figure it out, but a lot of people never even heard of it. It was this new concept that only 1% of the highly successful knew about in great detail and practice.

When Clickfunnels came into the picture, it made deployment of the sales funnel easier and way cheaper.

Clickfunnels also added a lot more functionality to exponentially increase the sales funnels potential conversion rates.

Clickfunnels is a software as a service or a SaaS company. It can be integrated into any platform globally and can be used by anybody from any part of the world to build sales funnels within hours.

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The power of Clickfunnels

Instead of weeks of hard coding and programming it would have taken with traditional sales funnels systems. Clickfunnels is truly phenomenal, and it’s worth is beyond measure.

More benefits for using Clickfunnels for your business

Whether you know a lot about each or not, clickfunnels offer a lot of features that are extremely beneficial for your business.

Let us explain some of them:

1. Clickfunnels is built with less tech-savvy entrepreneurs in mind:

Clickfunnels has an excellent user interface and experience designed especially for entrepreneurs that are not tech-savvy. The features are so easy to use and understand that practically anyone can make use of Clickfunnels.

Regardless of your skill level, you can integrate clickfunnels into your business.

2. Clickfunnels would save you time and money:

Like we talked about earlier, creating sales funnels is not easy due to the amount of cash and time you will spend on creating it and to keep it running. Also the time, money, and effort you would spend on creating effective landing pages, good designs, compelling sales copy, etc. This is a lot of things to do.

Until clickfunnels, which have pre built tested and proven sales funnels, landing page templates, and different types of integration ready for you to tweak and implement to your liking.

You don’t even need an expert or designer as you can tweak your designs anyhow how you want it, and still get your desired result.
This is not possible with the traditional sale funnel method. And all this feature that would have cost you some thousands of dollars will cost you few bucks with clickfunnels.

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3. App integration:

If you want to integrate other tools to your sales funnel, it is possible with clickfunnels as clickfunnels has compatibility with a lot of different platforms and tools.

With clickfunnels, you can easily integrate things like email autoresponders, payment gateways, web analytics, etc. Clickfunnels offers more things then just a funnel and website builder.

4. Clickfunnels has everything you need for your sales and marketing needs

What is the point of spending and using different confusing tools and service providers when you can find everything you need on Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels would help you create your website or landing page without having to pay to a domain and hosting services, just to name a few

So, why use sales funnel and digital marketing for your business?

So, what do sales funnels offer to my businesses that I don’t have already? Let me name a few:

1. Easier marketing:

With a sales funnel, your marketing becomes easier, as your sales funnel would work automatically to help convert your visitors to customers.

You can use clickfunnels to implement any sales funnels or websites you could need and more.

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2. Your content becomes more focused:

When designing your funnel, every content is well-written and targeted to your customers. With a sales funnel, you can create a story to entice your customers in the different stages of the sales funnels which then leads to more revenue. After all, you want to make more money right? Sales funnels can help tremendously.

Clickfunnels allow you to tweak your content till you find the perfect sequence and steps for your visitors to turn them into customers.

3. There is less risks with Clickfunnels:

Due to using sales funnels and Clickfunnels, you are already optimized for increased conversions and sales. This is not a guarantee but using extremely optimized and highly converting funnels with good marketing techniques highly increases success rate.

Due to increased success rate, that in turns less risk on your end, because you have something that works.

4. Higher conversion rate:

What is the focus of any business? It is to of course make money, and be hyper profitable. Clickfunnels makes it easier to be profitable due to all the tools, templates, resources and of course sales funnel usage they give you.

Through the series of steps you created in your funnels, you will get have a much higher chance of making more money and more conversions.

What this means for you is more revenue. One thing is once your sales funnel starts bringing a lot of money you don’t really have to do or spend much in maintaining it.

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So how much is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels comes with three different pricing plans which starts with a clickfunnels free trial plan.

Each plan has its own set of strong reasoning to pick.

The basic plan is $97 per month or with annual billing $80 a month.

The second plan called the clickfunnels platinum costs $297 or $247 a month if you use annual billing.

The most exclusive plan called the Two comma club X goes for $2,497 per month but that is a rare opportunity to join. It is a limited time thing to join.

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The clickfunnels free trial plan can be canceled anytime within the 14 days if you don’t want to continue with the services.

After the 14 days, you would have to move to any of the two above pricing.

Quick Video on Clickfunnels:

When you upgrade after you’ve enjoyed the clickfunnels free trial plan for 14 days. A standard $97/month clickfunnels plan will give you: three domains, one user accessibility, 100 pages for sales, ability to integrate three payment gateways, ability to create 20 funnels etc.

The second standard plan, the $297/month plan, will give you unlimited funnels and page creation. you would have up to three users, you can integrate nine payment gateways, integrate affiliate programs. You would have funnel flix as well which is more on the copywriting and sales side, and some other goodies.

The last plan, the clickfunnels Two comma club X, offer you unlimited funnel and page creation. Up to 10 users, you can integrate 27 payment gateways, connect up to 276 domains, integrate affiliate programs, create follow-up funnels.

You also have access to funnel fix, and a lot of other features. Since it is the number one plan it has everything you will ever need for your sales and marketing and most of the features are unlimited. Remember the Two comma club X is a limited time thing and not easy to get into.

The clickfunnels free trial plan is a way of testing clickfunnel for your business. If you are satisfied with the clickfunnels free trial plan results. Then it is advisable you upgrade to any of the above plan after the clickfunnels free trial-14 days plan.

One thing is for certain, is to get in there and get your hand dirty and give it an honest go around. Start building some funnels, learn marketing, learn driving traffic, copywriting and etc. Truly start growing your business online the right way. With a 100% free trial there is no reason not to.

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